I am going to my first LV event on June 12th!!!

  1. I am SOOO excited!!

    To the person who "invited" me and let me come, thank you!!!

    I've been in touch with a manager lately and while I was in HK he mentioned a private event coming up in June but I haven't heard or received anything since. I even took the night off work on the 12th and was willing to work the 7 AM shift to make the event at night!

    Well, still didn't hear anything and I was disappointed because now there's no LV event and no night shift for me. But I sent a message asking if that was an "invitation" and he said I am allowed to bring another person!

    The focus is white products (White Hot Summer theme on eLux, I'm assuming?), new stuff, show bags, jewelry, sunglasses, etc...I can't wait to see everything! Hopefully amarante will be there and Love 2 will be there too!!

    I've also had two managers ask me if I want a Miroir Lockit today...I wonder if that's good news?

    I doubt I'd be buying anything...probably just going in to look...oh well!

    Anyway, my question is, at LV cocktail parties, is there unlimited drinks and you can take all the food you want? :p
  2. Wow thats fantastic - congrats!

    Have never been to an LV event so can't help you there, but I am sure you will have a fabulous time and can't wait to hear all about it!:smile:
  3. Karman thats great! Im sure you will have an amazing time! No I havent been to one of those events! But just make sure you make the most of it! xx
  4. I received an invitation too! Could we be going to the same event? Maybe I'll see you there! I probably won't buy anything either as I just picked up something today. I hope you have a great time!:smile:
  5. Congrats! yes the food and drinks are unlimited, have a great time!
  6. Karman, that's great!Congrats and have fun :smile:
  7. thats so wicked!! congrats :smile: eeeek let us know what you see!
  8. Congrats .. have a great time and they like you to drink...drink..drink to encourage you to buy..buy..buy:graucho: Hopefully the LOVE2 tote will be there.
  9. Yay! I just went to the event here in Palo Alto. It was free flowing champagne and small appetizers.
  10. June the 12th is my first Louis Vuitton event two.
  11. yeah eat and drink everything you can find there. LOL! thats what i did.. hahaha. congrats on getting invited! the first one is always the most memorable one.. :smile:
  12. yay, good for you! :woohoo:
  13. YAY!! congrats Karman!!! :yahoo:
  14. ughh im so upset i didnt go to the one i got invited to last christmas :sad: i couldn't make it. i hope i get invited again soon!!!!! both me AND my dad were both invited since we both spent money there...lol.

    but have fun at yours!!!!!!
  15. Congratulations!