I am going to hurt the Fedex man!!!

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  1. I have been waiting for my RM to come all day!! Well Fedex pulls up and I am outside, waiting, he tells me I delievered your package to the wrong house. I will be right back. An hour passes, I call Fedex, it seem the driver went back to the station and left for the day. Where is my package!!! I am told to go to the house he dropped it off at and talk to them! Wrong answer! I call Fedex again, this time a woman helps me, she tells me the station is closed for the day, so I can't get my package tonight. I ask what if I never get my package?? What if my RM never shows up?? It shows in the Fedex system that it was delivered to my house.

    I think I have every right to scream really loud right now!!
  2. That's really horrible. Did you get the Fedex guy's name? Do you know the people in that house? Are they your neighbors? That was really horrible. Fedex should be responsible for this. It's not right.
  3. OH MAN! What a crappy deal! Did you get an address of where your RM is? Seriously, I think I'd go get it! I've never heard of such a thing! I thought DHL only did that kind of S*(!!
  4. OMG that is Fing ridiculous. You should call and complain on them. That's BS that he would just drive off like that...

    Last resort, maybe you may have to go to that other person's house to get your RM.:bagslap::bagslap:

    I'm sorry, this is why i like USPS only. And sometimes UPS. But i will NEVER use FEDEX. NEVER.
  5. I think you might go to the house where he dropped it off. Is it far?
    If not, i defintely would go.
    Because what if the people unpack your package :wtf:

    Did you also note his name and employee number?
  6. I got my tanger mam yesterday from label 360-but the fed-ex man delivered to my neighbor instead and never got a signature(it was supposed to be sign for only by me-per Label 360)though when i called fed-ex to ask where the package was they told me i signed for it and 10:00am and i said that's pretty funny bc i was at work! So not only did the fed-ex man leave it at the wrong house he signed my name for it!
  7. That's CRAZY! :wtf: I've never heard of anything like that! FedEx is responsible for that package. They need to do something to help you!
  8. Oh my god, we should blow up the whole fedex.
    And Katlun, if you ever see the fedex-man again, please kick him for me.
  9. My dh goes I hope it wasn't your purse! I told him yes it was!!

    I called, they told me it should be redelivered tomorrow...and I don't know the neighbors, they are new, but I would think they would bring it over.
  10. That is so disturbing!!! Fedex is totally liable for that package!!!

    Ugh I can't believe that they would do that and expect you to clean up their mess!!!!
  11. was a signature required? did they tell you who signed for it?
  12. Girl, now is the time to introduce yourself! :woohoo::wlae::yahoo:

  13. I am going to wait until tomorrow and see what happens...it's almost 9 pm, not going to introduce myself to them now.

    Going to go eat some ice cream and check out the HH sale.
  14. Fedex know it was left at the wrong house. They are responsible for the package, the driver is. I got that from talking to them.
  15. I've had that happen. So from any future retailers, I always ask them to send USPS priority. I HATE FEDEX with a vengence and will not buy from any one who ships that way since I've had so much aggravation with them.