I am going to go to LV to see if they can do anything about my dying wapity

  1. In a previous thread, I posted about how my wapity was dying.... I am finally going to LV to get it fixed....While I am there, I might look at the mini pochette or the cles (I am probably going to get the cles) I have 220 dollars to spend....I wonder what I will get if I get anything :graucho:

    Another question:

    If they dont let me return my wapity, then my mom is gonig to give my the money and I can buy another wapity or something else. (the wapity is worth 355.00) Do you think I should buy the mini sac if they dont exchange it? Or should i buy an agenda or a wallet? What do you guys think I should do? :shrugs:
  2. mini sac is MUCH more useful...
    but if you dont get that get a wallet. i suggest the vernis ludlow (in pomme d amour! )
    because it is around 355 dollars with the tax
  3. also (dont shoot me) i think you shouhhld save up the 220 and wait until you can get a big bag! as cute as the tiny things are. i learned the hard way that they just arent very useful.
    but maybe its different for you? do you need to carry lots of things around?
  4. they sent it of to californa...i will get it back in4-6 weeks.....