I am going to go broke buying keyfobs

  1. I am on an absolute Coach ban until further notice- so, please to enjoy these latest (last) purchases!

    The blue heart is a locket that they had one left of at the Coach boutique and the other 3 are from the outlet. i am the most excited about the heart keyfob- you can't tell but they are white and black hearts. they also had a keyfob just like that with pink and green hearts.

    they had a bunch of the green demi hampton's bags and some nice luggage as well.

    Anyway, thanks for looking!
    june23one.jpg june23two.jpg
  2. Oh I love the owl he was my very first Coach keyfob!
  3. The owl is so cute!!! Great finds!!
  4. Very cute
  5. I love your keyfobs super cute!
  6. Awwww, so cute!

    If you're serious about ban, come and grab a buddy! The buddy system seems to be working very well for those of us already using it. We can help you! :smile:
  7. Your keyfobs are beautiful!!!!! LOVE the hearts!!!!
  8. Love the hearts!!
  9. hrimaliv, congrats! The Owl is SO cute!
  10. holy crap where did you find the owl there are a TON of people who have looked high and low for him!?!?!! where was he! :smile:

    great fobs!
  11. LOVE that black & white heart fob!!
  12. Thanks everyone!

    They had a lot of owls and monkeys at the Camarillo, CA outlet yesterday! as well as fish and sandals and others!

    the multi hearts one is my favorite, and it looks AMAZING on my denim tote.
  13. I love them too! I just picked up the little owl myself.. they had owls, monkeys and flip flops and goldfish at the las vegas outlet
  14. they had goldfish too, and these other big yellow fish. I love the owl, i put him on the bag in the picture and he is adorable. so glad i found him!

    the black/white hearts one is my favorite. it looks AWESOME on the denim tote because the black almost looks like a dark blue so it matches the bag perfectly!
  15. hehe, I hear you on that one. I bought the lion & the heart padlock and got the skull and lips only about 2 months ago! DH is wondering what the heck I need that many key rings for when I only have one set of keys!