I am going to fedex now to pick up my B bag!!!!!YEAAAA

  1. It took me 2 month nearly to make the decision.

    I finally go ahead and purchased the aquamarine city and vert deau work..

    I received the aquamarine yesterday and the vert deau suppose to be delivered on monday but I cant wait.. i am going there today ( saturday morning) to pick it up...........

    i am very very excited!! :yahoo:
  2. congrats!! don't forget to post pictures! model it for us.:wlae:
  3. ChloeSS - 0o0o0 how exciting!!! :yahoo: I'm super jealous but be sure to post up pics!!! I just LOVE the aquamarine!!! :wlae:
  4. I got my bag with me@!!!!! I love love love the vert deau work. it is so PRETTY!!

    but i am surprise that the Work bag handle is quite short.. and not that comfy on shoulder

    and I am mad about fedex. They charged me the GST based on the CIF ( which they explained to me as the cost of good, insurance and freight) instead of just the cost of the good.

    Aloharag is paying for the shipping and insurance. I dont understand why I have to pay the good and service tax on top of it for them..
    DSC00421.JPG DSC00422.JPG DSC00423.JPG DSC00424.JPG
  5. some more
    DSC00425.JPG DSC00427.JPG DSC00428.JPG
  6. :nuts: :yahoo: HOT HOT HOT!!! I love your new b-bags!!! :nuts: :yahoo:
    Thank you for sharing pics with us all!​
  7. Gorgeous bags! Congrats!!!
  8. SO PRETTY!!!!!:heart: :heart: Congrats :yahoo:
  9. Ooo...what a dynamic duo:p !
    I LOVE the way the Vert D'Eau looks on you. It was definitely worth going to pick up and not have to wait for!
    I have heard that handles do stretch with use...
  10. Great color choices. Congrats! :yahoo:
  11. Sorry about the photo. I tried to rotate them before I upload them onto TPF but somehow my mac unable to rotate it at this stage.. i am searching for some software...

    yeah i love both color. the leather on vert deau is very smooth and soft while the one on aquamarine is more vein with it.

    I am planning which one to use for today. heheheh
  12. GORGEOUS! :drool:
  13. Oh wow! Great photos! Thanks so much for all of the pictures. Both of the bags look fabulous on you!
  14. Both of your bags are gorgeous. You're one lucky girl. Enjoy them!

    I don't understand why you have to pay taxes on COG either. These charges don't make a whole lot of sense.
  15. what a gorgeous duo. they look amazing on you...congrats! :yahoo: