I am going to cry $&%*%!!

  1. I ordered the aubergine paddy from net a porter yesterday. i've been tracking it today. I checked it, and it was received and signed for...which is not possible because i am not home. I checked the sign for and my purse was delivered to the WRONG STREET AND HOUSE.

    I called DHL and they have my correct address listed..so she doesn't know why it wouldbe sent to the wrong place. The DHL person is going to go back to the house to retrieve it.

    WTF? this is a 900 purse! i'm not into charitable purse giving. The person better not have opened it. MF!
  2. Well luckily DHL will probably be responsible for delivering it to the wrong address and you'll eventually either get it back or be reimbursed.
    But such a bummer because I can imagine you want your bag RIGHT NOW!
  3. That happened to me once, with a $1000 laptop! and Fedex, they delivered it to the wrong effin address?!?! I called their headquarters and lost my mind on them for their mistake.. I think if you have enough time and want to get some anger out you should definitly do that. Im sure they'll compensate.
  4. Oh dear! :wtf:

    Don't worry, I'm sure they'll retrieve it - afterall, they know where it is! :biggrin:
  5. ugh. I called my housecleaner...she didn't receive or see anything and she was there after the delivery. ughhh.
  6. i would be so pissed.. i hope all things work out...
  7. DHL also told me if it is a single residence house..they dont actually wait for a signature. WTF! I live in the CITY. They are supposed to call me back now within 30 min. Regardless, i'm so pissed.
  8. DHL is seriously the worst. Their customer service is great -- but the reason I've had to deal with their customer service so many times is because the drivers end up f-ing things up everytime I use them!

    So sorry you have to go through this. I hope they find your purse!
  9. I hope they help and actually call you back..I would definitly give them a piece of my mind!
  10. I hope everything works out - I can only imagine how you feel right now!
  11. Be sure to call the seller...they should also institute a trace from their end ..had this happen from UPS and was lucky - my neighbor 2 streets over brought my package...
  12. Oh my God!! I'd be going INSANE! Please keep us posted....And GOOD LUCK!!!!! I feel so bad for you......:heart: Emmy
  13. if they dont call me back sooon. i'm leaving and going to that house to get my damn purse. If they've opened it, i will be so mad!!!
  14. Keep us updated! I'm so sorry this is happening to you!!! (and worried - I bought something from NAP fall treats sale too and it's supposed to be delivered today!!)
  15. That's so scary! I would be freakin out too! Hopefully they get it to you asap!