I am going to call Issac Mizrahi in person :))))


Jan 18, 2008
Ha, how does this work? So far, it does not. I contacted everyone in the vicinity of Isaac Mizrahi to find what had happened to this amazingly eclectic collection of crazy bags, they seemed to dissapear from Vivre website, which is still advertizing them here in the banner above ( sponsor banner) ??? I finally got money and wanted to order, and GONE.

I NEED that bag because that bag is ME. My character, my style, I wear dull single color outfits, and LOVE the bag which pops with style in color. This is the one that has my name on it.....and it is nowhere in site

Vivre customer servide never responds, Mizrahi of course would not respond to my message about it, and his bags of this calliber (not Target ones) are nowhere to be found.

If anyone sees it anywhere, please let me know.



Dare To Be Different
Jun 8, 2008
Have you tried writing to him on Facebook? He's on QVC often and he states that he loves reading comments on Facebook. You could try asking on there and maybe he'll get back to you or maybe fellow Isaac followers will know. It's worth a shot.