I am going to be in TROUBLE!!!

  1. As I sat here yearning for what I can't always afford. :crybaby: I just realized something! Dh goes overseas on a regular basis, I can send him out to look for my most coveted purses!!! He's in the Navy and goes to all these places. Ohhh, wait till I tell him when he gets home, I am going to be in trouble!!! LOL I can see him rolling his eyes now. :roflmfao:
  2. LOL. Sending your poor DH to do your bidding I see... :p
  3. Make sure you put him through fake-spotting training first. Some of the ports he'll visit will be havens for counterfeits.
  4. Oh believe me, I will!! Some of the ports he is going to actually have the LV, DB, Chanel stores. I am going to have him buy it from the stores or department stores!! :woohoo: