I am going to be in trouble tomorrow with Chloe flooding...

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  1. Just got off the phone with my SA, she put three chloe bags on hold for me and I am going to check in tomorrow after work. They are:

    New silverado bowling style in new congac tan(but the handles are short and can't wear over shoulder, so I think maybe I am not going to get it after seeing in person)

    Paddy pocket(professor) bag large size in Mousse--Heard that it is very slouchy bag but I LOVE the mousse color that someone here posted.I am on fence about it...strong temptation!

    Paddy shopping tote in tan--She said this is new tan other than the original satchel tan that coming out past seasons. It is more congac tan. I have had the ivory one and it is beyond beautiful. So I would like to check in person to see this new tan one.:sick:

    I will be in big trouble tomorrow....:amuse:
  2. Sounds like you have some serious decissions. Good luck they are all awsome bags!
  3. I can make quick decision on other things. But upon handbags, I am so weak since I am such a bagholic....:lol:
  4. I hear ya, sister!
  5. me too! for me they are harder to get away w/ than shoes.
  6. Oooh! I can't wait to see the pictures!!! It sounds so lovely!!! :love:
  7. Hey, if u check out the tan shopping tote and like it, Loren has one for a great price on the marketplace, providing that's the same shade of tan you saw IRL, of course;)
  8. Careful C/C! I had NAP send me three to check out IRL...two weeks agoo....can you guess where I'm going with this one...:lol:
    story at 11!:lol: :lol:
  9. Okie,I went to Nordies to check the three bags holding for me cause tomorrow I have some errands to run. It turned out I dodn't buy any one of them. My CC says what a relief.:lol:

    1.The new silverado bowling bag looks awkard for me. The shape is strange and the straps are way too short. But the tan of that is gorgeous.
    2.Mousse large pocket paddy is too slouchy for me. Like I have to stuff a lot of stuff to make it stand with decent shape. Plus the silver hardware is little bit off for me. The surface of the silver hardware doesn't look that smooth like tarnish golden hardware in other color. I don't like silver at all.
    3.Large tan paddy shopper tote. The tan is still the same as last season's tan,Kind of plastic feeling for me, not like whiskey or choclate have so much texture or distress feeling...

    But I saw the taupe color of small zippy bag.LOVE TAUPE. I am going to wait for the taupe paddy shopper tote.:idea:
  10. Whew! You made it! Sometimes it is nice to feel no urge... Thanks for the report!
  11. It is rare for me to walk out of them empty hands. So far my favorite are still whiskey large zippy and ivory paddy shopper tote. I really want to love mousse pocket paddy,but I wish it is less slouchy...:worried:
  12. The taupe is so pretty. I saw Daisey's taupe zippy on another thread. You can't go wrong with that color!
  13. What a relief for you! I believe I know which Silverado you're talking about and I almost bought the same bag. You're right, the color IS gorgeous.

    Nordstrom has the medium Zippy? They told me they'd only get the large! =/
  14. They just got medium zippy past weekend. The price is increased. The large zippy is 1720, while the new medium zippy is 1760.00...ridiculous...:Push:
  15. Yep, those were the prices all along. Crazy! Luckily I got mine from LVR and paid under $1400. =)

    Nordstrom told me they didn't even order the medium. I guess it just depends who you talk to. =)