I am going to balenciaga hell :(

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  1. I am so bad.....I bought chanel cambon wallet instead of new Black city. If there is such thing as Balenciaga hell...I am going there. But I did try to get one from Aloharag but they only have 2 veiny/distressed Black city.

    Please don't hate me my fellow tPFers... I honestly was going to get it. It is funny, I always like Chanel but I felt like a traitor getting something else. I promise my next purchase is going to be a bbag...maybe two from ss07 to make it up. hmmmmm don't know what my hubby going to think about that :graucho:
  2. haha its ok! ohh I would love to see pictures of the wallet.. congrats!!
  3. That's okay. I cheat on Balenciaga with LV quite often.
  4. LOL! I just bought a Cambon Wallet also - Black with Black Patent CC's - and ... i want the large tote to go with it ...:shame:
  5. Don't feel bad. I cheat too.:P Usually with LV. I'm afraid the Balenciaga accessories will get beat up so I usually go with LV for wallets, agenda, cles, etc. My Mom is a huge LV fan and that's her first love. I dabble in them, but they are just too darn heavy. I do like the new multi color LodgeGm I got, even after a major authentification fiasco.:rolleyes:
  6. You have to buy what makes YOU happy, congrats on your new wallet!:smile:
  7. that's ok...
    b-bags will always be there for you to pick up any time...
    congrats on your new wallet :P
  8. it's ok, i like many brands too! congrats on your new wallet!
  9. yaya~ that's ok b/c I just got a Chanel wallet and bag too!!!:P
    DSC01769.JPG DSC01938.JPG DSC01943.JPG
  10. noo worries.... :biggrin: i do the same...~~ some LV, some chanel... congrats on your cambon wallet!! i love them!
  11. wow, beautiful zacorey!
    don't worry, yaya, you buy what you like!
  12. :dftt: ....this has nothing to do with the post...who uses that emoticon??? where is it approriate to use? lol

    and btw, don't feel guilty...we all cheat
  13. Thanks bal newbie! Sometimes we need variety!!!!! (sometimes)
  14. oooo... zacorey.. VERY NICE.... LOVE IT!
  15. :flowers: ^^^Thanks eping!:heart: