I am going to an H store this weekend how do i approach a SA to see a Birkin?

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  1. A family friend is going to Paris in June and my mother told me to give her my money so she can get me a black togo leather birkin because its much less in france. I am going to the hermes store in bal harbour this weekend and i was wondering how to ask to see a birkin. i want see the 30 and 35 cm better and feel it so i know exactly what to order. is there a special way to approach the SA about this?
  2. No disrespect, but if you see one in the the case, just ask to see it. If you don't see any, again, ask the SA if there are any available. Chances are, you may see one or more on display. SAs are just people like you and me. They will be more than happy to show you any bag you ask for.
  3. Hi also let them know you just want to see one for size. They may have something to show you. If you feel you belong somewhere you do. I went to the Athens store very casual walked right in and saw what I liked asked to see it and bought it. No troubles.