i am going ot NYC next weekend...which LV to go?

  1. hey all, i need yr shopping expertise..:tup: i am going to NYC next weekend and wonder if anyone know which LV store is the best to go shopping or any SA to recommend? :okay:

    thxs in advance..:yes:
  2. I would recommend the one on 5th ave (I think it's 57th street). It's usually pretty busy but it has everything and the SAs are generally friendly. I wouldn't recommend the SoHo one, the service is shoddy. At least when I went there. Also, if you're near Saks I'd check out the LV there. Great service and a nice selection if you're not looking at ready-to-wear. I'd recommend Gerome as Saks, he helped me out and went above and beyond in the service department.

    Have fun, there's nothing quite like going to LV in NYC :yes:. If you get any goodies make sure to post pics!!
  3. I haven't been to any other store in the city besides the one on 5th Ave but definitely go to that one... It's huuuge. If you're going on a weekend especially it will probably be so packed so I'm not sure how the service would be it's probably your best bet on largest selection. Have fun!
  4. Definitely 5th and 57th. It's an experience like no other. 4 floors, you will get lost in there, lol!
  5. The 57th Street store is huge but I've found the service to be lacking....they aren't responsive, don't answer questions with more than a grudging monosyllable and generally are indifferent at best.. I much prefer the LV at Bloomingdale's...they've very nice & helpful & don't act like they're doing you a HUGE favor when you ask to see something. Manuela is extremely nice but so are the others whose names I don't know. I tend to "look" at 57th Street but buy at Bloomie's.
  6. thxs for the info...are u referring to the flagship SAKS in 5th ave?:tup:
  7. i guess flagship will have more stuff to look at e.g LE stuff?:confused1::yes:
  8. Oops yep, referring to that Saks! The best Saks ever :lol:.
  9. Yup when I went to the flagship store they had all of the current LE stuff out on display :drool:.
  10. The one on 5th Ave. had a beatuiful windows with lots of LE and lots of stock. Service can be spotty.
  11. which bloomingdale? :confused1:
  12. guess i got to go there too..:p
  13. if its on display, then its for sale or for show only?:confused1:
  14. Hmm I'm not sure. I think it's for sale, but then again I didn't buy anything but some shoes there so I don't know :confused1:.
  15. I usually browse at the one on 57th and do my purchasing at the LV in Saks on 49th Street and 5th Avenue. Winnie is the sweetest SA. She's very patient, makes great suggestions, gives her opinion of each bag and never pressures you to buy anything. She's helped me get a number of hard to get and LE items. Everything is wrapped perfectly and boxed. Have fun!