I am going on a ban - who else is in? join me for a support group here

  1. Day two of the ban.

    Felt pretty good all day yesterday until the evening came.... I thought I would check eBay just to see. Saw a very nice BV I wanted long time ago and lost in an auction bid a few weeks ago. I felt I must get it, but then I remembered I prayed to God and promised 2 year ban and responsible 1-2 bag behavior thereafter. That was the only thing that stopped me....
    Woke up pretty anxious... I really should stop searching eBay mindlessly, it makes me so nervious...

  2. Good going that is really something to be proud of.. Maybe every time you do not purchase when you are tempted you should mark it some how.. for example a certain sum in a jar or a mark on a calander it will keep you on your goal..

    I think I am starting a quater in a jar for everyday- I do not buy, everytime I pay down the bag debt, and for every sale I make of the bags and accessories I do not want..

    I am not doing that great I did sell 3 times but I just puchased a wallet... IT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS
  3. I have only bought one bag and one pair of shoes all year. And I've even sold a bag and will put another one up for sale! Honestly after awhile I didn't miss it at all. Once you don't buy that much you just get out of the habit. Then the nice thing is when something fabulous comes along you can jump on it w/out regret or guilt.

    I'd rather have fewer things that I really love, it was getting to be too much. Especially with things I don't even use!! I'm also sort of saving up for a nice piece of jewelry --- once I realized how much I could save for a big purchase it made the little ones less appealing. I'm also using things up! I have these shoes I love and have barely worn, so instead of new shoes I just use what I have. So much better than waiting until they go out of style!!
  4. I love McQueen!!! I really want another McQueen clutch, but I never use mine so I think I'll pass. Still it is soooo tempting!!
  5. I'm coming off a 3 months BAN . . . at the end of this month.
    I can hardly wait . . . :nuts:


  6. :nuts:It is an HG- a De Manta Clutch. I really love it and see that the price is hiked way above its MSRP value on Ebay! It's ridiculous. I've never bought bags at retail value, but I feel like I may have to make an exception for this one anyway. All the auction listings for the one I want are way over retail and it got sold out on the website a couple times before. I should contact an agent to see how popular it is, so that I don't risk missing it!
  7. Guys lets focus here!! We are supposed to be on a BAN!!! BTW that clutch is amazing.
  8. I love these pep talks, we all need this and the people that say they don't aren't ready to admit they do-their time will come when they've reached their limit-mark my words. ;) Sometimes I get the urge to sell ALL my bags except my LV Speedy (great everyday bag), Chanel expandable flap (classic/dressier bag), and maybe one clutch. I can live without the rest and easily pocket about $2,000. Crazy.
    Thanks for starting this thread.....
  9. I had the same experience. I saw a pink Histoire that I wanted. I had been wanting a pink Valentino for awhile because I returned the only one I had. I NEED a pink bag... right?!
    Anyway, the only thing that stopped me was I emailed the seller and she refused to do a "buy it now" and I certainly don't have the patience to wait 7 days. Congrats OP for having the strength to hold back. I'm proud of you!!
  10. eek... I am going to try. I thought I was sort of on a ban and then bought quite a few.
  11. I"m in total agreement with your sentiments.
    I"d MUCH rather have fewer things that I love. That's where I am too! Doesn't it feel great to come to that realization? Very liberating.

    And your so right about feeling not guilty when something great does come along. Then it feels well deserved and you can enjoy the entire experience more.

    Also I"m with you on jewelry!;)
  12. Sure, no prob. Just contemplating another last buy before going on yet another hiatus and a much, much longer one at that. And, thanks much!

    I love these kind of talks as well. I'm a self-help topic freak in virtually all aspects of my life. Whether I follow through or not right away is a completely different story, lol.

    Oh my god, I know where you're coming from. I may not want to sell ALL my bags with few exceptions, but I certainly can see myself paring down pretty significantly to focus on the bags that are truly worth it in my collection. At least, over a grand is what I can see myself pocketing.
  13. me, i am def. on a ban, i am happy with what i have now
    lets all stick together :hugs:
  14. Can't sleep... Patrolling eBay... God give me strength to get through this :sad:
  15. Label lover, stay strong!! Patrol away but dont buy - you must make a promise to someone, anyone, just give your word. Once you do it is hard to break it!!! BTW- how do I get one of those day counters for my signature?