I am going on a ban - who else is in? join me for a support group here

  1. That is WONDERFUL advice OP! I have a question, what about bags I'm currently bidding on eBay? Should I just take a non paying bidder strike? or follow through and stop after those purchases?
  2. I do not know what to say I lost count of my bags. I am at around 60-65 they are mostly Coach and I have a bunch of Gucci also. I just returned a Coach bag today because the bag had so issue and it did not work for me. But all I did was buy another one.

    I am at a point that I do not even love the bags I buy so much so I return them almost the day I buy them.

    I want to be on a ban but I just have not been able to.. I need to do it I spend all my time thinking about this and it just does not work for me. I hope I just purchased my last bag....

    I do not feel guilty I just do not enjoy it as much as I use to.. I hope to only break the ban for the Sabrina Oil Slick (beyond rare).. and enjoy my girls meanwhile..
  3. Dear Label Lover,
    Since you are already bidding on the bags - keep the passive bid going, if you win, thats meant to be - just get it and enjoy it. I also have 2 bags coming in the mail I bought already - one last week and one yesterday morning before beginning my ban.
    I feel it should be about the now and the future - if you have made your decision to stop, just face the consequences of your past decisions, and move on happily. Dont feel bad, it will start a new cycle!!

    Think about the bags you have, enjoy them and take some pictures and look at them once in a while - it may help you feel proud and think: "What great bags I own!!"
  4. Coach Addict - May be you can pull out all your bags and pick the ones which do make you feel good? Then, part with the rest and dont look back. I am sure you can find some of those 65 which make you smile. I ask my dear daughter to advise as well to tell me which ones are really nice, and which need to go.
  5. Stefeilnately - I am so with you!!! Clothes, bags, dresses - just bought a few dresses to match a bag I got... and shoes. But you know what is the good news? I bet both of us have tons of nice bags, shoes and clothes now. Probably more than we need. Now we can enjoy all this stuff and wear it everywhere!! Focus on dressing up using what you already collected. Since our closets are full with nice stuff, we have what we need, and dont need more!! From now on, I really want to just have fun with what I already got in my closet. And after I gain some serious control over my obsessions - then I will carefully chose only most desired items, once or twice a year for special occasions only.

  6. What I have I love and they make me happy it is the new purchase that are bring me down.. I do not need them or really want them but I have this drive to get them. I am selling and have sold the ones I can live with out so what is left is what I want... I just have to stop the buying it is not doing me any good or bring me any joy...
  7. Good luck for all of you !
    I'm not ready for it right now, but i'm very interested !
  8. Coach Addict - sounds like you have an amazing collection!! I totally understand your drive to get more - if you like a brand so much you like almost every bag that brand makes. This is how I feel about BV. But if you are ready to stop, we are here for you!!!!
  9. Thanks for letting me know, redney!!
    I will check that thread as well.
    I am going to keep writing here anyway though - a kind of a day to day blog,hope thats ok!
  10. I like this thread! I am not on an official ban but I feel very satisfied with my collection as is it is and I don't want to add anything else.

    I swear, when I had "excess" bags in my collection, they made me nervous. Now, when I glance at my collection ( I keep my current season bags displayed in plain view), I get a smile on my face! It's so manageable, and it feels good to be in control.

    As for the poster who asked if she should cancel her bids on eBay- I would. I would rather get a strike than another, unwanted bag. So if you haven't won the bag yet, take yourself out of the running. Someone else wants that bag much more than you.
  11. I would agree on the bid. You could email the seller and say that you just aren't in a position to buy right now and would they please cancel your bid? Even if that doesn't happen, I'd prefer a strike in feedback over spending money and adding stress to your situation. Good luck!
  12. Ok, here's the thing, 1 bag is ended in 26 minutes. And I REALLY do want that one! The others (2 more bags) I could live without. I just need this last one, and then that's it!
    God, do I sound like a junky or what?!?
  13. You all will be happy to know that I lost the bag... I was really bummed about it. But then I decided to take MousePtrolix's advice and take a look at the bags I already have. Plus I have two in the mail... why did I need another? *deep breath*
  14. Awesome!!! It was not meant to be - and you have two in the mail!!! Perfect two to celebrate the ban!!!