I am going insane...Croc. Birkin with Diamond....?

  1. Yes, as I mentioned somewhere, I am under a huge stress. AND I have SOOOOOOOOOO strong craving for croc. Birkin. I just called costa mesa Hermes store. Croc. Birkin with diamond is still available.

    That croc. diamond Birkin is really 'impossible to find' one. I have been going nuts lately, yesterday was my birthday and this year is very special for us. So, this is my crazy option that me and my DH have been talking about (He knows I have been really CRAZY to find another croc. Birkin recently).

    That birkin is about $168,000 (I read somewhere that forum member posted...it could be here or tFS forum...I don't remember...). If I get this one, there will be NO any other gift for my birthday, anniversay...whatsoever for the rest of my life. NO EXCEPTION!!!! If my DH spends that kind of money, he will make sure I keep our promise. I know he is not going to break our promise. So, if I want this, this would be IT!!! NO MORE! FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! He understands that that is really special piece.

    But this piece is IMPOSSIBLE to get one. What do you guys think? Is it irrational, insane and crazy? He left it upto me.
    Should I go for it or just go back to my normal mental state, and keep enjoying my shopping life style?

    I did not pay attention to that diamond Bikin when I read about it for the first time, because I thought it would have nothing to do with me. But it is completly different story now... GOING NUTSSSS:hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric: :nuts: :nuts: !
  2. Don't you have several other bags that you're currently waiting on? What's going to happen to those? If getting the diamond Birkin means you can't get those, then I'd wait and pass on the diamond Birkin for now. I'm certain that as you continue to purchase from Hermes, a few years from now you'll still be able to order a diamond croc Birkin you want. I've been told that Hermes does make exceptions for great customers.:flowers:
  3. I don't know about that one. Ordinarily I would say go for it. But if you know you won't be getting anymore gifts...that's a biggie. IF you actualy stick to that agreement.

    Plus, as wonderful as it sounds, I think that bag is too flashy and it could be dangerous to carry around. Your safety does come first.

    Just think about it. :yes:
  4. first of all happy happy belated birthday!
    then a diamond birkin is not hard to get no matter what they tell you ! it can be done outside podium in around 9month to one year.
    with the situation given do not buy it (as it means it will be your last bag) get all the other things before that and some jewelery too and than later in life get the damond birkin.
    i now what you are going trhough but even though i was tempted i didn´t took the splurge in my mind that has to wait until my 40 birthday. and if i am between the situation one diamond birkin or shopping more than that like i am used to do i will definately not take the diamond birkin :shrugs:
  5. If I may be so bold and frank ..... if a croc Birkin w/ diamonds is going to create a hardship or a complete hault to your spending habits, then I think you should reconsider. Although it is a to-die-for once in a lifetime purchase, if it cannot be done without seriously altering your lifestyle, then it may not be worth having. That's just my two cents. Let us know what you decide.
  6. i personally would probably pass and just get a regular croc birkin. even though it's one of a kind, i think the diamonds would be too flashy for normal use. i wouldn't want to give up any future presents for the rest of my life either!!
  7. Getting that Birkin, is like selling your soul to the devil!

    I say pass, I'd rather have tons of cheaper bags, than one that everyone wants for the rest of your life.

    And plus, thats just too much to pay, thats a car!
  8. I'm with Diana and NG on this one -- why would you have a bag that you might be afraid to carry? And, I DEFINITELY would be afraid to carry this one!!!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASPEN...tiny bit late...we love you !!!

    Honestly, I say you need to pass. I don't think this would make you happy in the long run. I think you seem like you need to shop here and there and continue to acquire bags. It would be tough to get this one bag....do you really think you can do it? NO MAORE BAGS AFTER THIS??? I don't think you can.

    Also, I am thinking of your safety. I wouldn't want you to get hurt! Our world is crazy...would you dare want someone to take it from you? I also wouldn't want someone to harm you.

    I vote no.
  10. well why beeing afraid the majority will think it is rhinestones and the few that know well i think of it as jewelry and i would not stop wearing my jewelry just because i may get into difficulties that´s what insurance companys are for ;) if i get robbed they can have it all within seconds
  11. Thank you so much for you guys' caring and loving messages...I will talk to my DH more about it tonight when he gets home.

    I REALLY want my croc. Birkin orders (Blue roi and Braise), too. I can't give up on those, either....SOMEBODY HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  12. aspen....from your last posting you sound like you really want the Blue roi and Braise croc Birkins. Forget the diamonds...better get jewelry if you want diamonds!! Oh...look at Hermes Cape Cod watch with diamonds...just gorgeous!! Diamond Stud earrings are beautiful too!!
  13. I think you would enjoy having many bags more than just the one FOREVER... It would be like 'selling your soul'. If it was me I would pass, especially in favor of the other crocs :smile:
  14. Its just that sometimes robberies are fatal. NO one should lose their life or a limb over a bag.

    Not trying to scare anyone, but people ARE crazy.
  15. double post sorry computer troubles:shame: