I am going crazy with the bag choice

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  1. No go at the outlet. I keep thinking of either of these.


    Which I have at home. Put all my stuff in it. Plus my lunch (package of ramin noodles) and still major room.


    I already have the matching wristlet. Now which bag. I am going nuts trying to pick one. I love them both but I can not have both.

    If I go with the shopper my credit covers it 100%. If I go with the satchel I have to add about $40.00 to it. Not to bad.

    So I need to make up my mind so I can stop the madness over these bags.

    HELP! I promise last thread I will make a choice.:heart:
  2. I like the one pictured. The cool thing about it is that from the distance it actually has that straw bag effect (looks like it), which makes it very spring-like. :yes:
  3. First, I like the bag that is pictured -- a lot.

    Second, I had to giggle at the thought that you might have to eat Ramen for lunch because you spent so much $ on a purse . . . . :roflmfao:
  4. No I eat Ramen noodles because I love them. I am not putting any money out if I buy the shopper.

    I have the shopper and matching wristlet at home. It cost me 69 cents with my credit and discount.

    But that is funny...cause I do eat cheap lunch meals all the time.
  5. Nothing wrong with eating cheap meals...gotta save for those purses!
    Plus your figure will benefit from not spending as much on food and more on purses....lol. :P
  6. All I can say as soon as I make up my mind I am on a bag ban till further notice. There are some other things I want to do right now. So this being my last bag for awhile I want to be totally in love with it. Problem is I am in love with 2 bags. So glad I am only in love with one man. LOL
  7. Do you have a pic of this Penelope?
  8. [​IMG]

    Here she is but I would go with brown
  9. I like the black one a lot better, it looks more stylish to me. But the brown looks like it would fit more... or is that just the picture? I love those noodles as well!!!
  10. Hmmm...I'm gonna vote for the satchel here. If a bag has some structure to it, then I usually prefer more "east-west" versus the "north-south" oriented bags. Plus I like the strip of leather at the top of the satchel and on the corners...just a nice added touch to it I think!

  11. I think I would go with that bag I like this one better than the first picture you posted
  12. I like the east-west bag better. I think E-W satchels are easier to deal with than N-S (too deep and you have to dig to find your stuff).

  13. Yes I like this one!!
  14. Actually, the first bag with the C prints looks like yummy ramen noodles which makes me hungry--see my signature below. I love soba and ramen noodles! If I have a bowl of tempura soba noodles, I'd devour it in one sitting!