I am getting so irritated with my MIL

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  1. Okay, so my daughter has been spending most of her childhood with me and my mother. Whenever she's over with me and my mother, she's rather well behaved. She's sick for the past few days and she actually sits beside me and open her mouth for me to feed her the medicine at all times ( shes 14 months ). When I brought her over to my in-laws, she started to scream and kick and refuses to drink it and my in laws will snatch it from me and make me feels like i'm an evil mum. She always throw tempers at me when she's in front of my in-laws. I personally think that they spoil her badly. They will carry her the moment she cries as my MIL dont think noise. She says she is very tired and needs rest like 12 hrs a day and cant have her crying. So my FIL will pick her up and play with her for hours non stop.

    I dont like my MIL in the first place as she usually cant be bother with my daughter unless there's a visitor. When there's a visitor, she will carry my daughter all over the house and boast to others that this is her grand daughter. She always say her kids were VERY VERY SMART AND WELL BEHAVED when they are young and say why is my daughter this way. Indirectly I know she's saying me. I hate the way she twist the words and say i'm inferior to her son. Her son isnt better than me at all. I'm working to feed the family now. He's just sitting at home and shaking his legs and playing his games. She taught her kids alot of values that I think is totally wrong. Like racism and looking down on people who isnt christian. I dont see how that's a well brought up kid.

    My daughter is 14 months and she keep on asking why she still cant speak proper words. She said her kids can speak properly when they are 14 months and can do this and that.

    The last time she has contact with a kid is like 23 years ago. I know she has pass hand on knowledge but I think some of her "ideas" are too outdated and old maid's tales. I do not want to use them on my daughter!

    Grrrr.. I am just so pissed! I do not like my daughter near her!
  2. Sorry, some MIL are mean and they don't realize it. I would gently remind her that is your child and she should respect how you raise her.
  3. My MIL is the same way. She likes to criticise everything we do with our daughter. Sometimes MIL are just mean, other times I think they remember things a lot different than they actually were. When your MIL starts being negative remind her that she is talking about HER grandchild & that the comments make MIL look bad.
  4. honestly, just ignore. my MIL is very nice but she still does that kind of thing which can really get to me: directly comparing my son to her children (quite a few) and those of my SILs. the speaking bit was a major thing: always telling me the son of one of her daughters could speak already so many words, and mine couldn't speak any at all, even though his cousin is younger, blablabla. truth is now my son speaks a lot and the other kid doesn't speak at all. the main thing for me is that they love my son and if they just want to put me down: well I don't care, but like I said I know they don't mean it in a really bad way.

    when people feel the need to look for the negative in my child (truly negative that is) i do two things: a) I keep my child away from them, or in the case of my family in law, myself away if I feel that it is necessary and b) i wait and let time pass - often whatever they need to boast about or put my child down for, will come back to them in another way....
  5. My MIL comes over every weekend for a visit. She holds the baby the entire time. God forbid she change a diaper. She could offer to bring us lunch or make lunch but no, she just wants to satisfy her own selfish needs. She has a past history of being a crappy mother, so I don't feel I'm being harsh here. I don't expect her to come over and clean my windows, but her holding the baby all day doesn't help me much, as the baby can be in his crib while I do what I need to do. Sorry just venting...