I am getting so IMPATIENT!!

  1. I don't think I've been this impatient waiting for an LV before...! :hysteric:

    Love 2 tote was supposed to be released on the 15th, yes? Well it's the 26th and still no sign of these here!
    I waitlisted for a Sweet Monogram ring in silver on the 12th, the night of the LV cocktail party, and still no sign of that either!!

    So since the past few times I've received a call from LV in the afternoon, every time I get a call in the afternoon nowadays I think it's LV :nuts:, only to find myself super disappointed that it was boyfriend instead (most of the time).

    I think I've called 866 about these (asking the same question, "Ummm hi, I just called to see if the Love 2 totes have arrived in any of the stores in Canada yet?") so many times that once they hear my voice they know instantly what it is that I want.

    Even the purse organizer that I ordered for this tote arrived today!! And still no tote and no ring either!

    I wonder what the heck the wait is?!! I mean *most* things are released on time, so why is it taking so long for these babies to arrive in Canada??? GRRRR
  2. Ugh I feel you on this one. I waited about a month and a half for my Pomme Inclusions because someone fell down on the job and didn't hold my pieces aside for me. Then when the Amarante Inclusions came out, I got a call that very morning about them.
    And also I'm waiting very impatiently for the MC Fleurs keychain and it's still not out here. Argh. We can commiserate together lol.
  3. maybe the LV gods are just testing you ;)
  4. All good things.... ;)
  5. Don't worry they have no idea when they will arrive here either....I think they will be here for you very soon:heart:
  6. Dont worry it will arrive have faith!
  7. Oh but why oh why does it have to be now?
    Summertime is my time to go crazy with LV..and last year I practically did no waiting at all...

    I hope they call me by Friday, because that's when, my SA told me, they get their regular shipment of new stock (old and new items). But I don't get a call on Friday...I don't know how many hairs I'll pull out.
  8. Once they get here...you'll be even more excited for them!!!
  9. It sure is frustrating when you are desperatley waiting for something - pretty much like that all the time here.
    I hope your tote comes in soon. I usually find if I spend the money on something else then the LV will arrive the second the money's gone.:p
  10. That is exactly what I am afraid of. Last week, I wanted to drop by and buy the amarante inclusion barrette. Then I was contemplating the inclusion bracelet, but in the end I decided to just wait in case it arrives really soon!
  11. Be patient...It'll arrive before you know it. You may love it even more because of all the waiting.
  12. How does that saying go? "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." Or more annoyed, possibly :p
  13. Just keep the faith! i'm sure you will get them soon!
  14. patience is a virtue.. or so they say :p

    here's hoping the lvoe2 tote gets there soon :smile:
  15. im dieing waiting for my transparent inclusionnnn