I am getting organized......

  1. :yes::wlae:I can't believe it but things are finally coming together....:tup: My best friend and I have worked for a week and cleaned out the basement.....It was a total mess, due to the movers just throwing things all over when we moved 3 years ago.... Then it became the junk place to just put things we didn't need.... So I got a lot of plastic bins and we literally put things I want in them and went thru almost everything and I think threw out about 40+ black garbage bags:yes::yahoo:......... Now you have to remember my husband is a pack rat and he probably had a fit but did not go thru most of the bags I threw out but did find a bag with old maps from the early 90's in states we will never need and decided he had to have them :crybaby:...... Then we had a garage sale and did pretty good, but it was funny because my friend shopped (no charge) my garage sale and took way too many things:heart:..... She was the one who kept preaching unclutter and she said how uncluttered her house it but I changed my decorating from Shabby Chic to clean lines like a pottery barn look so she took all my shabby chic stuff which made me think now it is your clutter......I am calling goodwill or some organization to pick up the rest of the stuff.
    The new carpet will be installed in the finished basement in one week, I need to paint and then I will get to have a TV/play area for the kids with our family room furniture and I am making a sewing area for me. One room will have a pool table. It will be so strange to have all this extra room and have it CLEAN and not filled with any junk. So as hard as it was it is very rewarding to see the end result..... Hopefully DH will learn to let go of things and not bring any more stuff in the house.:tup:
  2. Woo hoo!
  3. YAY! Good for you! I am in the process of doing this right now! We just finished reconstructing our basement (well...I have half a ceiling left)....and dosn't it feel good? No more clutter!
    I am also reorganizing my 2 closets...and then the hard place will be the garage! That'll take awhile!
  4. That is great...it is such a nice feeling!!! Please post pics when done...so we can see the finished product!
  5. Congrats! It feels really good to see the end rewsult after major cleaning. I need to get motivated to do the same.
  6. gillianna, your story almost mirrors my weekend to a T!!!!! We cleaned out an "office" that became our junk room. We threw out several black bags of junk...most of which I didn't bother telling my pack rat husband the contents of. BUT he refuses to get rid of any of his rock, car, and motorcycle magazines from years ago. Ugh! We had a garage sale which we did pretty good on. Our neighbors were calling it the "designer garage sale", because I was getting rid of my old Tuscany decor and most of the stuff was very nice. Then a neighbor came and took a bunch of my clutter, but I was more than happy to let it go!!! lol Oh and we gave a lot of stuff to Goodwill too! So like I said, we had a very similar experience!
  7. Hubby actually threw out all his old car magazines and filled up two huge garbage cans......he is going with the program...... I started organizing upstairs about a month ago.
    The living room finally got the rest of the UGLY wallpaper removed and was painted along with the ceiling. It is painted a beautiful pottery barn color called Prescott Green. I love it. Then we bought a leather couch and 2 really cool rattan chairs with tan seat pillows. I just got 6 silver sage and a brown design throw pillows along with 2 brown/silver striped throw pillows that go on the couch and chairs. I ordered these from Restoration Hardware and I could not have found anything as perfect as these....... Then I ordered Waverly valances from JC penny and all the colors pick up the brown and silver sage so things seem to look good together. I bought a really unique candle chandelier from a small decorating store here in town (the only cool store in my town) yesterday in black wrought iron with amber glass. I will hang that in a corner that has two windows...... I have to steam clean the carpet and then put down my new bamboo rug (which I love---they are so cool and everyone loves how it feels to walk on them). I need to put a one piece craftsman style cabinet together and possibly repaint 2 pottery barn cubes to use as tables. But the room is so different from my previous Shabby Chic look and it is now very clean and just has a vibe that feels at home. I will post pictures once the curtains and pictures are hung.
    What is everyone else doing in the decorating department????