i am getting my second love bracelet

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  1. and wanted to know what the issue is with the screws/ rem reading something about people gluing it. Please explain.
  2. I currently have two regular love bracelets and have yet to have this issue....
  3. Yes, the newer screw system is not as "deep" as the original one. As such, the vibrations from the bracelets hitting each other can sometimes cause the screws the loosen. The low strength loctite (just a drop will do it) will keep it in place. Some people experience this issue and others do not.
  4. Never had this issue and all of mine have the new screw system. I just check every few days to make sure the screws are as tight as possible. This is with going to the gym 4-6 times a week and running with my Loves on.
  5. I have the new lock system and had the issue of the screw loosening. I took it back to the boutique and they sent it for repair currently waiting for the repair report.

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