I Am Getting A Tokidoki Journal...

  1. from japanLA woot woot! :graucho:
  2. hooray! i just found out mine shipped today from tfaw.com today! it should be here by friday...if not saturday! yippee!
  3. The one I pre-ordered from TFAW arrived today. Though it's not for me. I bought it for my SS. It's super cute!!!:cutesy:
  4. mine arrived today from atomic books after shipping yesterday. i also got the stationary and a tokidoki/devilrobots blind box 3" trexi, because they still have those too.. and the blind box was a toki one so i was very happy. it was a very good delivery.
    I definitely recommend atomicbooks.
  5. I hope mine comes today from tfaw...I think they said they shipped out last week.
  6. I still haven't ordered the journal or stationary ... lol
    What is wrong with me??
  7. I pre ordered a couple of stationery sets and a journal from tfaw and they sent my stationery out last week but no journal?
    I hope i dont have to pay even more to get it shipped seperately. Cant wait to see my beautiful envelopes, stickers and paper.
    It takes so long to get here though and i need it now.;)
  8. Chicki!! It's so nice to see you on here again!! :biggrin:
  9. That sucks. I am pretty sure you're paying for shipping twice. Mine got shipped out separately and I have to pay twice for shipping. If I'd have known that, I would have held off on pre-ordering and just ordered when they were in stock. The stationary is very pretty, but kind of small, I must say. I do'nt know why, I guess I didn't look at the dimensions lolz.
  10. Yeah, same thing happened to me. The shipping for both of these was over $8. Pretty ridiculous when you considered both items combined cost was like $12.00.
  11. :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf: They still have the tokidoki X devil robots trexis?!?!!! I still need the rest of the tokis!! I only have 2.. I want ninja girl!! I would order from there but.. I like to pick my boxes out in person.. I think I found a way to tell if its a toki or a devil robot! But I highly doubt I'm right :sweatdrop:

    My journal is being shipped from Tfaw too.. why did they ship them separately?!?! Didnt they receive them at the same time? Blehhh double shipping :cursing:
  12. I actually emailed them about it and he said they came in a week apart and since it was my first order blah blah blah and that was that. Each one shipping was like 3 something idk...but blehh lose money!
  13. my shipping was seven for everything. awesome. heh.
    YEAH! I was surprised they still had the tokixdevilrobot trexis! i've wanted those for so long..and the blind boxes always cost less than open ones. i got the black/fantasmino-head one. i want ninja girl too! haha
    i've never picked out my own blind boxes.. nowhere around me sells ANYTHING@!
  14. hey me too! i was suppose to pre-order when someone posted it awhile back here, but i never got around to it! lol it's ok i'm on a ban on everything...
  15. ahh ok aileen .. i don't feel so left out now .. lol :biggrin: