I am getting a pink heart purse?!

  1. I am a newbie to LV. I was one of those who didn't put my name down early enough for the heart purse. I called before Feb.1 and told the local boutique to call me when the heart purse gets in, but I never got a call back. Then when I called them on Feb. 1, the heart purses are all sold out, b/c people have been on the WL for weeks.

    I was OK with the fact that I wasn't getting one. (save the money for something else, and MAYBE there will be another shippment later.)

    Of course I have been talking about the heart purse. Last night, my BF asked me which color exactly I wanted. I said the pomme or the multicolor, and I mentioned that I don't really the pink. He acted a little wierd after hearing that.

    Today, I saw how much they are going for on eBay, and talked to my BF again. I guess he doesn't want to hear about the heart purse any more, so he gave in and told me that he has been calling LV and boutiques everywhere, and he got a pink one on its way to me:love: :love: :love:

    Can't believe this.
  2. The Framboise is really cute! : )
  3. oh, what a kind boy! how sweet is that! maybe, if you want, you can switch it out when LV does get some in!
    or MAYBE, just MAYBE, the color will grown on you b/c it is from him and such a generous gift straight from his heart!
  4. I think the framboise will grow on you, I saw it at the LV boutique and it's amazing!
  5. That's so sweet. I think both the pink and the red are cute.
  6. Agree agree!:yes:
    Thank you!:heart:
  7. I had wanted the Pomme one.. but then my BF said he had hoped to get me the pink one because he knows pink is my favorite color.... so because *he* picked out pink... now I kind of want pink instead of Pomme! lol :smile:
  8. Nice!!!
  9. I like the pink one better!
  10. The pink vernis is my favorite.
  11. congratulations! that's so sweet of him!! I'm sure you'll love it :heart:
  12. thats so sweet of your BF and the framboise is seriously stunning. i kinda want it more than my Pomme one now lol :s
  13. what a nice BF! CONGRATS! the pink and the mc are my 2 favorites!
  14. What a sweetie bf! Really pretty in framboise too!
  15. That is so sweet! I think you will like the pink. It looks like a gorgeous color.