I AM getting a Mirroir Speedy!

Mai Britt

Oct 13, 2006
I was put on the list for it a while ago - then when I bought my Pegase, I asked how far down my name was, the SA checked and said I was on the list, quarantied a bag and that the list was closed.

Then I called monday to hear when the bags was distributed - was told they weren't ready with the bags etc. Was in there thursday and talked to the same SA who had told me I was quarantied a bag.

Now she couldn't find me on the list, but that she would ask her manager, becasue she had the print out lists. ut that she could she that my name wasn't on any of the bags that was in the back.

I was down, because I had my hopes p .. then the mnagaer calls 10 minutes ago asking about the Silver speedy, that there is one for me!! Apparently my name WAS on one of the bags, but that some were in a different place (or something) that was why the SA couldn't find me on the list etc..

Well I just JUMPED up and down I am sooo excited!! I am picking it up on monday!!!