I am getting a colonic tomorrow! haha..

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  1. hey gals,

    i know this is a rather personal topic but i have been reading a VERY funny thread on this forum about colonics, and i just want to say that i made an appointment to have it done tomorrow. however, i will NOT be taking pics like the pp have on Dr. Natura's website bc that is just plain GROSS...lol...

    rather, i will update on my experience tm...hehe..im seriously nervous! does anyone have advice on what to do the day before? i called to make an appt and i was a bit put off by the receptionist..i told her im doing it bc i have an important event on tuesday evening and i asked if she thinks i should do it on monday or tuesday. her response: "do it tomorrow" and i asked "what do i expect after?" she said "u will feel fine." :confused1: i know she is just a receptionist but im a bit disappointed bc i was looking for more advice....

    anyone have advice to offer? hehe..

    thanks gals!

    update tomorrow!
  2. No advice, but good luck!!!
  3. Wow- I would really like to know how this goes! Please post of your experience afterward!
  4. Never had one so cannot offer any advice but will be interested to hear how it went for you, do post & good luck!
  5. Any updates?
  6. In some of the raw food books I am reading some people push them and others say get the do it yourself kits and others say not needed. I don't know what to think??? They probably do help your body get rid of toxins but it sounds like you are using it for quick weight loss. Is this the reason you are doing it????
  7. This is REALLY old. Going to close it :yes:
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