I ...AM ...Furious !!!!

  1. ok , i've never sold anything on feebay before , but I saw all you ladies doing it , and god knows I have too much crap , so I listed a few things .

    So I go to check my listing which was to be over in a couple days ...they took it down ! Said possible copyright infringement or some crap . I feel like such a loser . All those people probably think my bag was fake now ! It totally is not , btw . Not brand new , but not fake !

    So what should I do ? The email , which looks automated , says not to relist the item till yadayada , i really don't remember . I'm horrified . I just want to take other pics and relist it . I think a salty seller must've reported me or something ? Could that happen ?

    I don't have the reciept anymore so anybody who came a'knocking about authenticity issues I told the truth to . No , I don't have a reciept , just return the bastard if you think it's fake ! I was offering a return for any reason so I wouldn't have to deal w/ this . I'm really mad because my auction was doing quite well . :hysteric: :hysteric: .

    Why would they take down a purse that is authentic ? I see all these "authentic" purses clogging up my searches and none of them get taken down . sorry , I'm venting .

    Friggin Fee-bay ( I came up w/ that one after all my fiancees *****ing about ebay fees , hehe . ) ! should i just relist the bag ?
  2. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I think you should contact eBay about this. VeRO do make mistakes and end up pulling authentic items while leaving the fakes in tact. I've seen authentic bags being pulled by mistakes before so you're definitely not alone. Most often than not, they will understand and let you relist:flowers: .
  3. ^ so I definitely should contact them first ?
  4. Yes definitely contact them first. It's their mistake. Same thing happened to a friend of mine who was selling an authentic purse but because she has never sold anything on eBay before, they just assume that she was selling a fake and pulled it as well.
  5. ^thank you !
  6. Yes you can contact them but they are going to tell you to get proof of authenticity before you relist.
    Did VERO pull your listing or was it ebay?
    I have dealt with this many times so let me know if you have any questions.

    It was most likely pulled because another member reported it:cursing:
  7. I'm sorry this happened to you. For you, and for my own completely different reasons, I must concur with many who have posted before: EBAY SUCKS.
  8. ^ I'm sorry i don't know who VERO is ? I've never sold anything before ! But I own a lot of stuff and now the first thing I go to sell ....sighs .

    Ebay took it down , i'm sure it was a member who reported me because someone contacted me that i noticed was a seller as well . Asking weird questions , a few hours later ... no more listing .

    Can't I just revise the listing , put up new pics and go for it ? I really find this ridiculous .

  9. VERO is the Verified Rights Owner of the brand you tried to sell. If you got a email that says something like "VERO notice ebay listing removed" then that means the brand owner of the item you were selling had reason to believe your item was not authentic. They are wrong sometimes but you will have to fax them proof so they will remove the strike from your account & then you can relist.

    if you got a email saying "ebay listing removed" then ebay pulled your listing.

    What was the brand & how many days was the auction?
  10. It was just ebay , LV , seven days .

  11. send me a pm & I can help you with your listing if you want.
  12. Basically the way to keep that happening is to have as much proof described in your auctions to allow the bidder and ebay to determine on their own that its real/authentic...tags, box, RECEIPT and that you guarantee authenticity or your money back. Now when you list, before you do the final submit thing, the VERO message will pop up and that you understand that your listing will be reviewed. Maybe change your wording around a bit. Look at other seasoned sellers listing, dont copy word for word, but you will get an idea on how you should word your listing. It takes a while, you'll get the hang of it. Dont let it get to you. I would be happy to help you in any way!
  13. I had a brand new Coach removed one time from Ebay. It is a hazard when you use your real posting ID in a message board. I wrote back to ebay and they did nothing so I asked to contact vero. Vero then reinstated the bag and said it was fine to relist. It was Ebays mistake. I've only had it once and I'm sure it was because someone reported it after a heated message board discussion. I wasn't the only person in that thread that had listings removed. I've since then stopped posting to that particular board. I refuse to get a posting ID because I have nothing to hide.
  14. Apparently it is the description given that they judge on whether it is authentic or not. Quite lame if u ask me..
  15. They probably took it down because you have never sold before. Brand new sellers and highly counterfetied items don't flow well with Ebay.