I am furious with LV!!

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  1. I recently purchased a Galliera PM from my local LV store and today I decided I was going to start using her well as I am putting my stuff in the bag I noticed a black scuff mark on the inside of the leathers top part where the strap is.. so I went back into the store with my receipt wanting to exchange the bag for another one without a mark. and they gave me a hard time saying they cant return it because their manager isnt there to approve of the return etc. they basically treated me like I was a criminal who just spent $1800 with them. I couldnt believe it they treated me so unfair they wouldnt return it or do anything for me they said I have to come back tomorrow and speak to their manager!!!
    So tomorrow I feel like going in there and returning the bag and wallet for my money back and just buying the bag off of eluxury.com I am so upset and feel really disappointed in the customer service I received tonight!
    Is this a usual thing that happens at your local LV store?? what would you guys do return the bag or exchange it? or get some sort of a discount??
    it is really inconvenient to keep going back in there!!
  2. If i were you i would return the bag and order it on eluxury. Plus you save a lot of money this way, no taxes on elux. :yes:
  3. That's weird that they don't have manager or anyone to approve a return. Does that boutique has a sign stated return/exchanges hours? That just doesn't sound right to me...
  4. No discounts will be given. I can kind of see where the store is coming from though, since they can't be sure that you didn't do it yourself and are just trying to get a clean one. It's nothing against you, it's just policy.
    If it's not incredibly horrible, I would just keep it and see if they can't clean it for you, or just keep it and not shop with that particular store again.
    But from now on, be sure to check your bag before you leave the store, that way they will be sure that the bag was this way BEFORE it left the store.

  5. thats what I am going to do because this is just ridiculous nobody who spends that much money should be treated this way!!
  6. That's just horrible. I can't believe they'd treat a customer the way you were treated. I noticed you are in the San Diego area. I believe there was a thread a while back where someone else was treated badly trying to make a return at one of the San Diego stores. I wonder if it was the same store.

    If it were me, I'd return the bag and get my money back. I would also speak to the store manager about what happened.
  7. Sorry that you were treated so terribly. Return the bag. But note that if you buy it on eluxury, you will still be charged tax since you live in CA. Eluxury purchases are only tax free for those who do not live in CA or TN. (Eluxury has their offices in CA and I think their warehouse is in TN, so you will get charged tax in CA.)
  8. my other concern is since they wouldnt even exchange it for whatever reason?? why would they return it ? do they have to etc?

  9. yeah but atleast I wouldnt be giving the store my money after the way they treated me I dont know I felt upset after that! :cursing:
  10. OMG, that would totally piss me off. Especially since I live about 45 mins away from a store!! I wouldn't have left. I would have PITCHED A FIT!

    I hope that wasn't at Fashion Valley.

  11. thats what I tried to do lol the guy got all intimated and I told him whats the point of being open rite now if you cant accommodate all of your customers?? You might as well be closed!!!
  12. i've read on other threads that the black mark you are mentioning is a normal wear on the vachetta from the rings......supposedly will 'blend' into the vachetta once wear starts setting in. You could also try an eraser on the black marks and see if that helps----if you decide to keep it. Poor customer service means a lost sale and future sales, that's very surprising.
  13. I'm in CA, too, so I feel your "sales tax pain". If you buy from eluxury, you can earn a rebate from mrrebates and also luckyrewards (if you are a lucky magazine subscriber) Sometimes luckyrewards has double rewards. I bought a few things and earned 6% back, covering most of the sales tax.
  14. well I went back to the store today to see the manager and told her how unhappy i was and she said I could exchange it so I did.. grrr I dont want to go through that again!! now I am just deciding to kepp the monogram wallet and get a zippy or what ?? ahhh if I have to go back there grr
  15. ^Well, she's definitely nice like that. She's really sweet and helpful no matter what. :yes: