I am FURIOUS! *pulls her hair out*


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Dec 28, 2008
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I sold my Declics in January and had to send them to Austria (I'm from The Netherlands). No biggie, I posted them and they shipped real soon and got in Austria 4 days later. To my suprise I saw the status which was ''Address unknown. Package sent back''.

That's when I panicked, I contacted the local postal office that ships packages out and called them about a zillion times to only hear that they can't help me and that this is my 81248944th call (that is so rude, seriously? They are expensive shoes, wth am I supposed to do?). Anyways, she promised me a form to fill in so they can track the shoes and I would get a confirmation. Got the form, filled it in right away and sent it back.

3 weeks later I call again, explaining I didn't get a confirmation and I want to know if they started locating them. She said the form never got there and Thank God I didn't send the evidence of posting the shoes with it because otherwise I would have lost that too. So she sent me another form and I filled it in. This time I did get a confirmation.

3 weeks later again, I get this call today. She said she found the shoes and I was so happy for the woman that bought them from me. But there was a but... ''They are in England and they won't ship them to The Netherlands because they don't know what to do with it''. That did it, I snapped and I couldn't believe my ears. What the hell? WHY NOT! She said they stickered the package so much because it went to The Netherlands, Germany and then France and then England. I wonder, what crazy person sent them to all those countries? The return address was clear :cry: So I asked her what will happen to the shoes and she said they will probably destroy them.

I'm so furious I can't even tell you. Luckily I did send them with an insurance so I'll get the money back to refund but I just want the shoes here with me so they can go out to the owner (me and the woman have built quite of a internet friendship hehe, she's so sweet and patient, that's why it bothers me so much).

Is there anything I can do now?
Does anyone know what the Royal Mail in England can do for me?
I told this story to SO and he says a lot of people steal at the customs,
he works at the airport and that's where it comes in. He said even Chanel bags are being stolen and other expensive stuff and that makes me go even more crazy.

I really can use all the help, tips, advise out there :cry:
What to do?

Thank you all for reading, I hope it's not too vague.


Oct 15, 2008
oh wow, Nieners, that's crazy! :wtf: Thank goodness you got insurance!!! So it's stuck right now in UK customs? Any way you can contact them? I don't understand- if the postal people you've been talking to know that it's in the UK, why can't they tell the UK customs people what your return address is??


Nov 18, 2006
Really sorry this is happening to you, Nieners. But I'm a bit confused, too, so can I just check a few things with you? Since you sent them with insurance, do you have a tracking number? If so can't you contact either UK customs or the Royal Mail, requesting the return of your items? I'm sure you'll have put your return address on the package and so, in theory, it should be quite easy for Customs or Royal Mail to return to you.

I'm puzzled why your mail service is saying that the UK don't know what to do with them. Can't your mail service advice that the item is returned to sender? Since it's within the EU, there should be no complications with duties, etc. so I'm not sure why customs would even have them on hold. Perhaps they are with Royal Mail. Have you tried to email them with your tracking number?

I've always found Royal Mail very good with international items and fingers crossed have not had any problems so far! Why on earth would they destroy an item, if the return address is clearly marked?!

Hope you do get some positive answers soon and please keep us posted.


Jun 14, 2009
If it's an international item in the UK, you can try getting in touch with Parcelforce UK if the tracking number works on their site: http://www.parcelforce.com/portal/pw - I emailed them recently when a parcel got held up at Customs for a couple of weeks and they responded promptly. Parcelforce can't really do anything if it is with Customs as they're separate organisations, but if it's still with Parcelforce they may be able to help.

If it turns out they are with Customs rather than Parcelforce - I've recently had a letter through from Customs in the UK who required more info on the shoes I bought from an overseas seller on ebay - if you want to PM me, I can give you the details of the department who contacted me so you can try getting in touch with them?


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Oct 9, 2009
The shoes i had bought from venezuela where destoided by UK customs they made holes in the heel and cut the leather . The seller has send them whit tracking number and whit insurence . They could see they had bin X ray in the uk but they dident open the package ( the shoes did it by them self :sad: ). As for the insurence the shoes wherent completly destoided so she gets 106 $ back from 250$ .


Jan 30, 2009
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There is a black hole somewhere in UK. I have sent a skirt from US to France this past fall. It ended up in UK. I filed for insurance, was told it will come back to me because I have checked the 'return to sender' box on customs form... waited, waited, waited... then had to fight the USPS for insurance. Ugh. The skirt is still in the black hole. There is no way back out of it.



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Aug 7, 2009
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Yeah I don't understand why they are here either (the UK). Surely if it says return to sender and it has your address clearly on it they should be being shipped back to you. I don't understand why they wont ship them to you and they say they don't know what to do with the package. That's crazy. If they are stuck here in the UK for good and they wont ship them out of the country I can help you out if they are willing to ship somewhere in the UK one last time. So if they will forward them somewhere else here just let me know and I can give you my address :smile: