I am Fuming At Saks...Missing something??!!??

  1. ARGGGG.....so I got my aqua the other day...and I quickly looked around inside when I got it..saw some tassles and a tag and thought everything was good.

    Well just now I took out all the stuffing and there is no mirror and no controllato card. WTF:confused1:

    It is a city bag...so it should have one, right?

    I have to wait for 2.5 hours to call Saks in TX. What should I do?? Make them search for it and then demand a partial refund?
    I think this was like the last aqua city left in the country....

    Can I even buy a Mirror from Balenciaga if I explain what happened?

    UGH! I'm so mad right now!!!!!
  2. oh no! goodluck twiggers. definitely demand a partial refund from Saks!
  3. I would demand a partial refund.
  4. Right babe, yes I would get them to hunt firstly! I dont worry about the controllo card but the mirror is a different story!!!!
    I think you can buy replacement mirrors from balNY but that could be upwards of $100!
    I think if they dont find it, then they should offer discount enough for you to replace it. Contact BalNY to find out if it is possible also. Good luck twiggers
  5. Oh no! What a disappointment. I know this sounds crazy but it's not in the front pocket is it?
  6. Thanks! So BalNY can do a replacement??? I will call them first and find out the price...and then tell Saks. I don't really care about the cards...but I do care about that mirror!
  7. ARGGG...no not in the front pocket.
    Oh and the front pocket tassles have split already. And I'm looking at where the mirror should be attached...and it's been cut off and the tassles are really short on one side too (is it supposed to be that way)! UGH I'm so mad right now.
  8. What time does BalNY open?
    I'm going to make Saks pay for 4 new tassles too...this is wrong!
  9. Twiggers, maybe you shouldn't get your hopes up on a fix from Saks, because department stores CAN tend to say just return it. They don't like discounting something "damaged," though you can certainly ask. Sorry!!!

    And BALNY opens at 11 a.m. EST.

  10. F- that TWIG! demand a full refund if they don't have your mirror or cards!!!!
  11. I think you got a used bag - I would just return it. Sorry!
  12. Whaaat - the tassels should be equally long if you place them next to each other unattached (I think lol) ... and you should have that mirror because if you ever want to sell it you'd take a steep loss! This is upsetting, first try Bal and then Saks. What would you do if they only offered to take it back?
  13. ITA :tdown:

    Sorry to hear that Twiggers :sad:
  14. Saks sent me a used b-bag once with makeup all over the mirror. I don't think they inspect their bags or care. Good luck, hope they give you a huge discount.