I am finding the Cles very addicting...

  1. i just bought the damier ebony cles a couple days ago, and i absolutely love it...although i own multiple chanels in the same style, i've yet to buy any lv item in multiples....but i am want to buy the damier azur cles and also the vernis...anyone else have a cles addiction problem?
  2. YES ! I've got 5;

    - monogram
    - groom
    - white MC
    - amarante vernis
    *and a noisiette vernis in the mail

    The sad thing is, I don't really use them as I usually just use my eldridge wallet ! I just can't resist their cuteness though.
  3. I want to get the new one! I'm hoping it fits my new nano.
  4. i have a damier...but i am seriously craving an azur and maybe a mono or denim...so no, you are not alone!
  5. I have one which is my black Suhali, but want to expand my Cles family!
  6. I have two
    -damier azul
    -amarante vernis
    I really want to add to my small collection though! I would LOVE to get the new vernis cles in violette!
  7. Yes, I'm totally addicted to cles! If I count correctly I have at least 12 and what's sad is even though my DH has a denim one I kinda want my own too! lol. They are quite fun though :smile:
  8. I have several as well:
    Orange & Green Perfo
    New Pomme
    I don't know why I have that many. I only tend to use the green perfo. But I plan on getting alot of use out of the new pomme.
  9. I have three and then a Rond, I love them all, I really want more haha, I dont think you can ever have too much of one LV item :p
  10. I love the Cles too! I have: Mono, Damier, Rouge Vernis, Bronze Vernis, Fuchsia Vernis, Indigo Vernis, Black Multicolor and a mono Rond.
  11. The cles is such a cutie ... I only have 4 but definitely want moooore! yup yup yup!
  12. Wait until you get the new vernis cles - it holds SO much more than the original cles. I had to snap one up in violette and pomme:love:
  13. i only have one cles, a pomme one (regular), and i love it. i keep thinking of getting more-... it's really useful and i just love it!
  14. I adore the cles...especially the vernis ones. I can't help myself!!!
  15. I have two, Damier azur and Vernis in pomme.

    honestly (and I hope my bf dont see this post) I dont need the 2nd one...but its oh so pretty~