I am finally VERY satisfied!!!!!

  1. Whew, I left the house @ 10:45 this morning and JUST got back. So it took me 3 hours to do my adventure. But I won't complain b/c I got one heck of a deal!!!
    The store was crazy as usual and they had very limited Legacy bags left. There was 1 shoulder bag left, which I grabbed right away just in case, and grabbed a Whisky Ali.
    So I walked around to see what else they had. Lots of pebbled leather satchels and hobos, some cute suitcases!! and tons and tons of seude.
    (whoever had asked before, the owl keyfobs are @ the outlets now)
    Nothing else struck my fancy so I stood in line w/the shoulder bag @ the Ali. Got to the front of the line and decided well heck, I like the white Ali too!!! So I Put the shoulder bag back and got the Whisky and the White Ali.
    I had taken back my white shoulder tote, just because it's so big and got $160 for that.

    The ali's were $215 each, and I bought a dog collar for Rex!!!!!

    I had the $160 credit from the shoulder bag, $285 from the repair that couldn't be fixed, and $44 left over on my gift card.

    I ended up paying NOTHING out of pocket, and still got $13 back in cash!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I'll post pictures as soon as I finish eating my artery clogging Taco Bell.
    That crazy Coach outlet made me hungry!!!!!
  2. Now how awesome is that to get PAID for shopping at Coach! LOL! Congrats on 2 great bags!
  3. WOW! Great deals u got. I am going to my outlet tomorrow and I've put 2 bags on hold ( better be safe than sorry). Congrats on your new purchases!
  4. the pretty ali's!

    My legacy Family

    Rex looking cute in his collar!!
  5. Wow! Beautiful choices. That Whiskey Ali is gorgeous, what an incredible deal! Congrats!
  6. Beautiful bags! Enjoy them. The Ali is so pretty!

    I will be getting one of the slim flaps for Christmas (Legacy denim resort collection from last year) and I can't wait. That will probably be as close to the regular Ali that I will get, but I am happy! Now, if only Christmas could get here so I can start using my bag. For now I just visit it on E-bay and think about it.
  7. Cool, you got great deals. Rex looks so cuuuuteeeee!
  8. what a great outlet shopping trip! rex looks adorable with his collar! :smile:
  9. Congrats! My outlet has ZERO legacy bags so cherish your outlet finds! Not everyone is so lucky! Rex looks adorable as well...
  10. ohh the ali in whiskey looks great :drool:
    and you got it at great price, luck you!
  11. Oooooo Pretty! I just got back from the outlets myself! Got a whiskey Legacy bag! :smile:
    That's AWESOME that you walked away with money for Taco Bell!
  12. Candace,
    I am soooooo jealous of you. OMG! I don't think that I will be able to make it to the outlet until Monday. I really love the Ali's and I want one of each color too. Okay, if I go on Monday and there aren't any left, then I am going to assume that it's a blessing in disguise. Congrats on your loot. You really made out like a bandit! :woohoo:
  13. Congrats on your Ali's! Two beautiful bags!
  14. Congrats! Your new bags are really beautiful!!!
  15. congrats! those new bags are beautiful and the collar looks great on your dog!