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  1. Okay well I waited and waited for the French Blue first, and since THAT is not coming out. I just had Terry overnight me a small French Blue Metlasse! I am so excited!!! It was the bag I originally saw in the Elle Accessories forever ago. I can't wait to get it, and will be sure to post pictures!
  2. That is such a beautiful bag - Deana has one!
  3. Oh yeah and I also got on the list for a Grape First!! I swear they better come out with that bag!
  4. I know I drooled all over her pictures!!
  5. impasto,

    how long were you on purse ban?
  6. congratulations!!! were you a good girl during your purseban? (or are we going to find out later that you really have been ordering bags during it:graucho:) :p
  7. for about three months? I had to use my purse money to buy the SO a new computer!

  8. I was good in the PURSE department, but spent plenty of money on the Blythe obsession that Fayden gave me!

    I know three months doesn't seem long, but it really was for me!! I had been expecting a french blue something, when my SO's computer was broken. I didn't want Nik to go without so I bought a macbook with my purse money.
  9. what a sweet and generous SO you are! 3 months is a long time, so congrats on waiting - it was meant to be! the FB is so fantastic, congrats :p
  10. Again the little Dane is lost; SO?

    But happy to hear that you are back in the bag business!

    CONGRATS on the FB Matelasse:yahoo: - Be sure to post pics wearing it!!!
  11. 3 months??? You are a VERY good girl and totally deserve the new bag! Can't wait to see your FB matelasse pics! Fine choice!
  12. SO -significant other!

    Thanks for spelling Matelasse.. correctly for me! I had ear surgery yesterday, and am a little loopy from my painkillers!