I Am Finally Home With The Bronze Cabas (with More...)

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  1. Hi ladies, today I went to BH chanel to pick up my bronze cabas. I am pretty glad with my SA's service b/c knowing that I am very concerned about the conditions of the bags and that I can always catch flaws with my inspector's eyes, she took all 3 bronze cabas she got and let me inspect all of them and pick and choose. The funny thing is she knows that this could take me a while and she doesn't want me to be looking at all those bags out there to get attentions from other customers, she took me to the dressing room, alone with all 3 brand new cabas, and of course she's so nice to provide me water as well....

    So after all the inspections I noticed none of them si 100% perfect, but I did pick one that has more even leather texture (the other ones have very smooth leather on one area and then very raw, distressed leather on the other side).

    Although the bag does have a little piece of leather peeling off on the chain, but it's not too noticable and the overall leather texture on the bag body is much better than the one I got from SCP. So I am pretty satisfied now :yes: , of course, my SCP SA is supposed to let me know if they will get a better one, so I will see if she will ever call me about that.

    Also, I picked up this cute necklace as well. The price, as a chanel product, is so affordable, only $185! :nuts: Cute uh!?!?

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  2. pics of my new necklace

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  3. Congrats! It's very pretty!
  4. :drool: :drool: :drool: FINALLY panda! Yayy I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to get mine... cute necklace too!
  5. I love your khaki cabas! I have the black and was on the list for khaki, but I passed when I received the call. As I look at your pics I'm kicking myself! It's a gorgeous bag and it looks great on you. Enjoy!

    P.S. Cute necklace!
  6. congrats.... its so beautiful.....
    i cant wait til mine gets here.
  7. Oh, the necklace pics are on the 2nd post, coz the 1st post exceeded the limit.
  8. ^^^I saw the pic so I quickly edited my post, but you caught me! Great bag and necklace!
  9. thank you ladies!! I waited for this bag for 2 months!!! I think I have my name down on oct 14....and today is already dec 12!!!

    But after all, it's a happy ending! I am just glad coz I do want a bronze bag AND a big bag (most of my chanel bags are the flap bags and since I am short, I can never find a big shoulder bag that looks good on me). But I think the baby cabas looks just fine on me proportion wise.
  10. Yay, finally!! I love it! The color is beautiful and it looks great on your petite frame. The necklace is adorable too.

    Geez, where is my khaki Cabas? I hope it arrives to Nordstrom soon, and it better not have obvious flaws! Glad you were able to hand pick yours.
  11. thank roey, i hope you will get yours (and in a good condition) soon!!

    I am just glad that my SA let me relax in the dressing room and hand pick the one I prefer without other people walking by or staring at me.
  12. So pretty! Congrats!
  13. i really love the necklace. so cute!
  14. Very nice! Congratulation on your new purchases. I'm still waiting for mine from SAKS. BTW, have anyone got one in khaki from SAKS yet? I just passed mine from NM & awaiting for SAKS (just to avoid the tax). I'm starting regret it :s
  15. ^ BH saks told me they did get some in.