I am finally a b-bag owner! (pics inside)

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  1. I received my ink first from Barneys. It is lovely. I normally carry big heavy bags so it was a little shocking how lightweight the b-bag is. I adore the color and can't stop staring at my new baby.:heart:

    Thank you all for all your help and answering all my silly questions. Pictures are below but they don't do the bag justice.:smile:
    dsc00631_large_copy.jpg dsc00640_large_copy.jpg dsc00634_large_copy.jpg
  2. Congrats! The ink color is so pretty! You must be so excited and in Bbag heaven!!!!:flowers:
  3. congrats! it's so pretty! :biggrin:
  4. Congrats! Isn't ink gorgeous? I can't stop playing with the tassels lol!
  5. congrats!!!
    It's gorgeous...
  6. cilla, congrats on your 1st bbag! beautiful!
  7. yayyyyy congrats!!!!!:yahoo: :rochard:
  8. Cilla, congratulations. She's a beaut.
  9. Congrats on the pretty new bag!
  10. Congrats Cilla! It's a gorgeous bag! :heart:
  11. Congrats! I love my ink first too. Yours is gorgeous!
  12. Aww,Congrats! Hopefully one day I'll be able to own my very own b-bag as well. Once again Congradulations on the new purse!
  13. congrats!! your new addition is beautiful :smile:
  14. Beautiful, Cilla! Congrats! You chose an awesome colour as your first Bbag!!!
  15. Congrats, cilla!!! Isn't the Ink a super cool color?! Great choice for your first Bbag!!!:heart:
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