I am fiending CHANEL! Help me choose my first...

  1. i'm getting ready to purchase my first chanel within the next week or so and i would really love all of you to help me choose! i am petite, 5'2 around 95 pounds and i don't like bags that are too big for me. also, i am looking for a white or silver bag that i can use during the summer. my style is pretty casual since i'm a student.

    so far, i am *trying* deciding between these two:

    medium cotton club tote in silver ($1595). picture from the reference library courtesy of miraco11

    PST with silver hardware ($1295 i think... please correct me if i'm wrong). picture from the reference library courtesy of thompk.

    please tell me which i should go for! i want this to be very special since it is my very first chanel, with hopefully many more to follow.

    i am also open to any suggestions you ladies might have, but please keep in mind that the cotton club tote is approaching the upper limit of my budget at $1595.

    i live in the nyc/nj area, so if any of you happen to see these beauties in either nyc or nj, please let me know so i can go try them on in person.

  3. Hmm, both are great looking but my vote also for PST. It's a great first Chanel purchase and the caviar is really durable. But then again so is the CC tote! Argh!

    I just bought a black CC pochette for my mother today and love the leather too!:heart: I'm no help!

    But...if I had to pick, I'd pick the PST. I tried it on for the 1st time today and it was lightweight, comfortable on shoulder and seemed easy to get in and out of. The question is, do you want a zipper closure or open closure? :shrugs:
  4. I vote for the cotton club simply due to comfort. IMO, the PST and GST just are not comfortable. I don't own either, but when trying them on the PST/GST feel funny. It's boxy and the outside strap always falls off me. The cotton club tote is so much more comfy to me and I assume the medium has the same feel. (my mom has the large silver cotton club tote and I have the pleasure of borrowing:graucho:)
  5. Wow - I don't think you can go wrong either way. They're both beautiful bags. I am personally lusting the cotton club right now. It's such a stunning and chic looking bag - and there's something about the look that is so... comforting? It reminds me a little of a pillow... don't know.

    Good luck! Of course we can't wait for pix when you decide!!
  6. i think if you are dressed really casually, then the cotton club tote is your best bet. the PST can be considered a dressier bag imo since it's more structure. The cotton club tote has a distressed leather look so it's definitely more casual (plus a pretty pearly sheen!).
  7. i like the CC, love the strap and also the color.
  8. thank you for all of your replies! it's easy to see why i am so torn right? they're both just so beautiful.

    habanerita- the medallion is around $1700 right? with tax that would put it around $2000 :sick: i don't know if my bank could take that!

    alouette- i think i might need the zip closure. i want to take it to mainland china with me for a few days and i don't want to get robbed among the mobs of people there.

    do any of you know which is lighter overall? i'm a weakling and i don't like carrying heavy bags, even though they do give me a much needed workout.

    also, do you know which leather is more durable/waterproof? i am planning on spraying anything i get with applegard since i do that to all my bags and it seems to work great.

    i'm kind of leaning towards the cc right now... but please keep your suggestions and opinions coming!
  9. Oh, medallion tote is another great bag. If you can order from somewhere and avoid the tax, it might be your best option.