I am feeling very full...a little long sorry!

  1. okay...just wanted to see how you ladies felt...

    When I first started going into Hermes I knew after seeing the raisin color that I 100% wanted that in a birkin. for sure. no questions.

    After I got my 35cm togo raisin birkin...I of course started thinking about my next bag. I wanted a red and blue.

    My SA told me before swatches or anything came out in rouge garance and brighton blue.....that they were the new red and blue.

    I knew then I wanted the brighton blue in a birkin and a rouge garance in a kelly or birkin...and later decided on rouge garance birkin.

    After I got my brighton blue in Jan...i couldn't want for my rouge garance to come in....and was so excited for it.

    Now, after picking up my rouge garance...I finally am not thinking okay what is next? what color, etc

    I have these:
    35cm togo raisin birkin PHW
    32cm black chevre kelly PHW
    30cm clemance brighton blue PHW
    35cm clemance rouge garance GHW
    36cm HAC vache natural PHW from Paris

    I am very satisfied and just do not find myself wanting anything else.

    I mean yes of course if veau barenia something came in...but that won't happen.

    But I know a black bag or a white...maybe a orange or gold would be nice...but i just don't want it.

    I am feeling done and complete and so happy about that!

    I was worried that my desire for another birkin, etc would never end.

    but here I am! very happy!

    have any of your met your full point? knowing that yes this color or that color would be nice but you just don't want them, etc

    or do you guys still find yourself wanting more and more??

  2. I hear ya. I am feeling pretty much done too. Yes, I like looking at other bags and like to imagine that I would buy them, but really, I feel I am done. At least in terms of MAJOR bag purchases.
    As Hermeslady said: "Stick a fork in me"....
  3. I know. I wanted to say stick a fork in me...but she took the saying :smile: just kidding.

    I do feel done. all the other bags like a white kelly or bolide, etc etc they are beautiful but something...turned off in me.

    I would love a black box something, etc but i guess i have figured i can get all those things down the road.

    I love feeling done! I need to keep it that way.

    and of course....I still want scarves, etc smaller things like that...but for major bags, etc done! and loving every second!
  4. guccigal -- enjoy that feeling as long as you can! I am totally envious because I don't even have my first H bag and I can't wait to have a collection I'm satisfied with.
  5. GG -- I have felt that mostly after a wonderful new bag purchase!! And slowly found myself lusting after something else....and selling to buy, etc. You have a wonderful, bright and fun collection of amazing bags!! I am trying to tell myself I need to be happy with all I have and I am - when you find the bag style that works, and get the colors you love, it really is a wonderful feeling! And then of course, all the other little items can fulfill us in fun ways also...enjoy your bags!
  6. That's exactly how I feel too. I feel like another bag or two would be nice but I'm really content with my Picotin. I don't feel that overwhelming desire, cold sweat in the middle of the night, gotta have it feeling.

    Except for when it comes to pocket squares. There the addiction lives on. :graucho:
  7. You girls have such self control, I'm so impressed! I will never say never as far as being done is concerned. Every once and a while, a color and/or bag strikes my fancy and the rest is history LOL! I enjoy getting different colors and styles to keep the collection interesting. I have always wanted something in Vibrato and something in olive is sending vibes my way:smile:
  8. I hope I can keep this feeling for 2 years.

    my husband is getting his MBA and going part time and keeping his engineering job...so I hope I can at least keep it that long.

    I need to enjoy all my bags and wear them a ton...before I think of something else.
  9. Haven't hit that point with only 1 bag in my posession.
    I may change my tune when I have more than one.
    I understand you not wanting a black, white or orange.
    I had my chance two weeks ago with an orange 35 that I just passed on b/c I was just not felling "it" that day.
    You never know GG, you may see that V B at an estate sale or online reseller and you may got back for more :tup::yahoo:.
    It's good you found your not wanting more phase....some people don't find that in their lifetime.
  10. now if I can only get that feeling with shoes...
  11. ah! My bag satisfaction only lasted for about six months. Now look at me I'm back at my old game. :p

    Good luck!
  12. I think I have one more bag in me.......the elusive Kelly. I am more than thrilled with my collection right now and it's taken me quite a while to get it right. I am enjoying each bag and as a friend asked me just last night "If you had to choose your favorite, which would it be?"......at this point, I couldn't choose! They are all, seriously, my favorites!
  13. i will take 6 months!!! That would be a nice break too. hopefully I can stay fat and happy for another 2 years or so!
  14. Ehhh, I applaud you! I'm nowhere near that stage, in no small part because your collection is AMAZING! It must be a nice feeling to be at that contented stage.

    But I bet it won't last for all that long, hehehee.
  15. I need encouragement. stay happy stay happy!!