I am feeling the (Thalassa) Blues

  1. Met up with a good friend of mine... and I just had to post pictures of her blue thalassa box kelly... with white stitching.. :heart: :drool:

    Told her I was so tempted to rob her of her gorgeous kelly....

    Anyway, I told her if she ever wanted to sell her bag.. she must call me first!!!!!



  2. Wow.....:drool:
  3. I know how gorgy thalassa blue box calf is, coz I have a birkin just like that, hehehe.. I love her to death and will never sell it!
  4. we were having so much fun catching up with one another... between our 2 kellies, we attracted a lot of attention with our bags....


    PS: we realised we were both "non-plastic peelers" hee hee hee
  5. Such a great pic! :drool:
  6. Oh my eyes!!!!!! My Eyes!!!!! Those are two simply mouth watering bags.......gorgeous!!!!
  7. Ditto...hehehe!!!:wlae:
  8. :greengrin: <--That's me being green with envy. ;)
  9. gorgeous bags.. colors :smile:
  10. Lovely bags together, archangel! I wish my vert anis kelly is a sellier just like yours!

    Your friend's retourne kelly is a a fab little cousin to my thalassa blue sellier kelly! Is it a size 25cm?
  11. Attracting a lot of attention, indeed! Thalassa Blue is fabulous!

    Archangel, your sellier is just beautiful!
  12. :drool: :heart: :heart: :heart: ......I LOVE Thallassa!!!
  13. Sigh, my fave blue color....I'm still after a Birkin in this color but it's discontinued already :sad:
  14. OMG! I love them both!!!
  15. Both Kelly bags are absolutely gorgeous! Great picture taking btw!