I am feeling so down right now

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  1. I am yearning for a miroir pochette to wear out tonight. I am hurting because I had two on hold for me awhile back and was going to buy them and decided not to because I had my papillons....now i'm so bummed

    has anyone seen any lately in the stores? Please help:crybaby:
  2. Sorry you are feeling down in the dumps. I can't tell you if there are any in the stores. Good luck.
  3. Nope. None in the stores.
  4. Do you have any eBay sellers who you trust? I fear you'll be reduced to buying your pick-me-up that way. Good luck to you!
  5. imo the papillons in mirroir are a thousand times nicer than the mirroir pochettes. I love how the monogram is embossed on those pieces and don't like the whole LV saying thing on the pochette pieces. I tried one on in silver a while back in the store and just did not think it was worth the price of a speedy 25 in mono, no way. The papillon on the other hand are hot hot hot, so I would just be overjoyed that you got those beauties. They aren't that much bigger, couldn't they serve the same purpose you were hoping for in the mirror pochette?
  6. yes my paps are beauties but ever since I bought my pochette extender I have been yearning for a gold pochette. It's killing me just a little bit!! lol
    Hopefully I can come across one in the system without having to resort to eBay

    i can only try right!
    thanks everyone :flowers:
  7. You should definitely call the 866 line and have them search inventory for you. Hope you find one!!
  8. Crossing my fingers they find one for you-
  9. The last one I saw in the stores was omths ago. You can actually find some good deals on miroir pochettes on eBay. I hope you feel better. Its almost spring. That'll cheer you up.