I am feeling guilty now.. :(

  1. Well you all know I purchased the heritage tote medium in pink and matching wallet, wristlet. then I got my large khaki/chocolate carly with the cute ergo limited edition wallet. then I ordered my new large brown carly and bleecker wallet.. ehhhhhhh I wanted all 3 purses because these are the only bags I own but up side is I got 25% off on both my carlys and wallets..I know I should have just bought one purse only but I guess I went a little to crazy...ehh I dont know what to do help lol:nuts::nogood::girlsigh:
  2. Keep them and enjoy them!! If you truly feel you wont use them return or exchange, but wow they sound so cute.
  3. I agree, keep them and enjoy them and you got a great price! If you get them all and decide you don't want them all then return or sell them. :yes:
  4. I always say "The worst thing that could happen is I take them back." That's my Motto!!!:tup:
  5. Ehh...keep em! It's a great start to an awesome collection! They are all very different items.....and now you have a little of everything! Congrats on all of your purchases....and don't fret, if you need it...there's always eBay!
  6. lol.. then I think should I have 2 large carlys?? maybe keep the large brown carly and get a different style bag in the khaki or something.. any ideas??
  7. Don't feel bad!! Keep them because you got 25% off on some of them! You can always put yourself on a little ban :yes:

  8. how many carlys do you have again??or how many purses total?
  9. I love the limited edition wallet you got. I would want the bag to match it, though...maybe instead of another large Carly. I saw a thread about it recently. I loved it!!
  10. Don't feel bad....I have two large Carly's and my collection is VERY tiny. I have the large sig. khaki/black carly and large sig. chocolate carly! (and a pink heritage stripe tote in med. and a large spring 07 patchwork book tote--that's it!) I plan on getting the large sig. stripe tote in black/gunmetal at the end of feb, beginning of March. Don't feel bad! It's what you love! Everyone has their "thing."

  11. what bag is it ??lol show meeee haha see here it goes....
  12. I did have a large soho hobo in khaki/brown and a med. duffle in khaki/white, but I sold those last month.

  13. we almost have the same bags I have the heritage and brown carly like you.. and now i dont feel so bad you have 2 large carlys to
  14. Don't feel bad! Enjoy your bags! Congrats on all of your great buys!

  15. thanks btw your lab is a cutie.. I have 2 labs a chocolate and a yellow.. almost like saying i have 2 carlys a khaki and a brown haha :lol: