i am feeling dizzy


my mind cannot decide

  1. signature ali in black

  2. signature gallery tote in black

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  1. as u all know i have spotted a black signature ali in one of the outlets an i think i would be picking it up tomorrow but at the same time i cant make up my mind whether to get the black signature ali or the black signature gallery tote.my mind has stopped working:upsidedown::upsidedown::upsidedown::
  2. There will always be another gallery tote, but what about Ali? Definitely go with Ali especially at the outlet price!!!
  3. ^^Yes, get an ALI ANY ALI they are not making ALI's anymore, a tote is a tote is a tote tote tote tote. Can you get two for the price of one!?!:idea:
  4. maybe you can buy a leather ali on eBay, there are some awesome deals right now and then you can get the tote in signature.
  5. I vote for Ali as well
  6. i voted tote but i meant ali oops

    GET THE ALI !!!!! (theres my vote :biggrin:)
  7. Ali Ali Ali
  8. I would definitely go for the Ali! It is a more unique bag in my opinion.
  9. Ali all the way! It's my favorite bag! Gallery totes will come and go!
  10. I would get the Ali just because you never know if a better gallery tote will come out!!!
  11. Well I guess the Ali would be the way to go. I am the lone dissenter here as I dont really care the for look of the Ali, but I do agree that the totes will probably be available for a long time whereas the Ali is discontinued and at an outlet price, its probably the bag to add to your collection.
  12. I love the Ali but strongly prefer it in leather instead of sig. In sig, I like the tote much better. But if you think you like the Ali, I'd buy that as it's discontinued (and a good price) whereas they almost always have some sort of tote.
  13. ALI all the Waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
  14. I would get the Ali. I think that that is a much more unique bag than a tote. Coach always has totes.