I am FAR too indecisive!!! Help with my decision making!

  1. Sooooo, next week is my birthday (turning 23... not the most exciting bday), and I want to indulge a little and actually BUY the bags I've been eyeing for months! But of course I'm having a dilemma making some choices...

    So I was intent on a Kooba Charlie, but after seeing it in person, I realized that I'm loving the Avery in luggage (I've been needing a brown bag really badly). But I also REALLY like the Anna Corinna mini city in tobacco, and everyone who has that bag seems to love it. And THEN, I'm having a little love affair with the Kooba Nina, which I would get in black (even though I don't need another black bag...) because I LOVE the chain strap, but it's smaller and not as everyday practical. So I don't know what to do- I'm thinking I can go with 2 out of the three so as not to blow too much of my not so huge salary/ birthday money. But then I don't want to get two bags in the same color (like if I got the Avery and also wanted to AC city... which bag do I switch to a different color? I've also been thinking I want a white or ivory bag for spring/summer). So for my birthday, please give me all your opinions!! I need to do some strategic bag buying!!

    Thanks ladies!!;)
  2. I have the ac mini city in butterscotch and I LOVE it!! I also have the ac drawstring hobo in tobacco and it's luscious....if I could only have 1 of them, it would be the mini city in butterscotch, hands down!! Not only do I love the bag, but I totally love the color!!! Good luck with your decision.....
  3. I say buy whatever you think you'll get the most use from.
  4. I like the AC bags... love that they came in a multitude of colors.
  5. I love the Nina, too, but I'm waiting to hear from others as to how well the leather holds up. Apparently it has a leather similar to another style that scuffs easily, and that may or may not be the case with the Nina. I'll wait to hear reviews before taking the plunge on that one.

    I love the Anna Corinna!
  6. Hmm, yeah I have seen the nina in real life and thought it might scuff easily, especially the slate color (although it is a GREAT color). Any nina owners have anything to say about that?

    And thanks for your help!
  7. love the Avery...best bag out there...