I am falling for the Rose Crossbody Clutch

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  1. I am seriously falling for it, the more I look at it the more I want it :drool:
    But I normally carry a lot with me, and its tiny!
    Is there one on sale somewhere, maybe if I don't have to pay full price for it I can justify using it once in a while. I really like the one in Dusty and Violet :drool:


    So if anyone come across any good deals let me know! (No ebay please deals please)
  2. Doesn't LUNA have it with 20% discount?
  3. It is definitely on lunaboston. It's gorgeous!! But i know what you mean about it being so small... I'm so used to big bags now cuz of RM and Bal, that anything this small would be like a coinpurse for me!!
  4. Samia I love that. It looks so girly and chic where can I see it
  5. I think it's really cute, too. I'm a big-bag girl, but I like to use little bags sometimes when I go out at night. It's not always easy to navigate a crowded bar or restaurant with a huge purse on your shoulder. I like the rose because you can wear it either cross-body or off one shoulder, or you can even wrap the chain around your wrist and carry it like a sort of funky wristlet.

    The Dusty is neat because it's the only one I've seen with a silver chain, which makes it a little different from the others. But I like the gold chain on the Violet. Gold is still pretty popular this season.

    So I definitely think you should get it! :tup:
  6. samia~ ME TOOOOOO!!

    i'm loving it in the ruby with white dot~ i have way to many clutches tho so thats why i'm holding back~ hopefully i would be able to snag one at the sample sale!
  7. Its Fab, its also going to be in the Sex and the City movie I read on Live Journal
  8. I too am in love with the Rose Clutch!!! :heart: It's gorgeous and so unique! You should definitely get one! :drool:
  9. I am supposed to be on a Ban till June but if a sale somes up or something I can't make any promises :graucho:
  10. This was originally my favorite bag from the spring line. I bought one from LB, but then exchanged it for the violet mam. I found the round shape a little awkward to hold things, as most things I carry are rectangular. I plan to pick up a new one at the sample sale if there are any. The full price seems a bit expensive.
  11. Are there about 7 ways to wear this thing or what? I just figured out that you can do the cross-attached chain thing (same as with the mac) and hand carry...too cute. Rose owners...how are you wearing this little bag? TIA.

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  12. You know, when I saw this in the flesh I was surprised at how big it actually is. It was too big for me for a hard-shell (ish) clutch.
  13. I just pulled mine out and realized that the chain can double to be worn as a shoulder bag.
  14. I did that too. I got called in to work this weekend and had to bring an MAB, so the little Rose will have to wait!