I am falling for Miu Miu bags~

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  1. i am beginning to fall in love with Miu Miu!:heart:

    I think this little girly bag is super sweet![​IMG]

    [​IMG]And this Coffer is amazing!

    and this......[​IMG]

    and this.......oh!!![​IMG]

    [​IMG]:nuts:i am in BIG trouble.
  2. LOVE the clutch and coffers! :love:
  3. I know...SO tempting...that ruching is TDF!
  4. :nuts: I agree!!!! Very Very sweet bags!!!! I can see how one might get into trouble....:yes:
  5. I am SOOOO tempted by the Coffer bag..But I have bought so many bags lately from Prada.....may have to get one though..Cant stop thinking of the Coffer..LMAO!!!
  6. lol, it's too late for me already ashley-brook, i've fallen hard for those moo-moo's!!! :smash:...below is a photo of my latest conquest, taken with my trusty motorola camera phone :graucho:
  7. ^OOH! Pretty bag!!!
  8. Congrats aaallabama!! That bag is so cute!! :love: I love it!!
  9. awe, thanks for lovin' my new moo-moo Jill & Audrey, i'm really diggin' on her :tender:
  10. I spent Sunday morning looking at Miu Miu bags--mainly the Coffer and the soft sided frame bag at Saks. But I ended up getting a Gryson. Go figure.
  11. Beautiful Aaallabama!!!!!
  12. Lovely! I'm obssessed by coffer too. need to acquire soon.
  13. ^LOL! ME TOO!!!...we are gonna be bag twins...hee!HEE!
  14. Me too, I'm falling in love with them as well!
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