I am eatting my words...follow-up to post

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  1. I posted a few days ago, inquiring if should return my julianne since it seemed a bit large for me : http://forum.purseblog.com/coach/all-you-little-gals-i-need-advice-bag-484538.html

    A lot of you sugggested I try the Zoe and I wrote that I wasn't really into the Zoe style.

    Well, low-and-behold, guess what I got last night....a Zoe! Yes, my daughter talked me into it. She said it look like the right size for me and it was a steal at $128.00 (w/coupon).

    What do you think - does it look like a good fit?

    ((Please excuse my crappy phone pics. Too lazy to bust out the digital camera this morning))



    I got the reg. Zoe.
  2. Is that the medium sized zoe? and the silver one right? It looks fabulous!! congrats!
  3. you can never go wrong with the Zoe! She looks great on you - welcome to the club.
  4. looks great on you!! i love your hair too!! ;)
  5. Med...Hmmm, I dunno. The tag just reads Zoe. I know it's not the large, but the size smaller. I guess that would be a med right? :smile:
  6. Thank you! :biggrin:
  7. It looks great! I don't like the Zoe either but maybe I SHOULD try it....hmmm.
  8. That looks perfect on you. I have your Zoe's big sister. :biggrin:
  9. looks great on you!! I love Zoe :smile: and great deal!
  10. Looks great :smile: And the silver color is nice
  11. You look a amazing with the Zoe it suites you.... Congrats...
  12. Thanks all!

    I like her, just waiting to see if I LOVE her. This is one of those 'whim' purchases I'm going to sit on for a week or two. I'm indesive about the color - I wish she was black w/silver hardware but I don't think they came that way, did they? Or camel/sand with silver hardware. I'm all about the silver hardware!

    shezarealgem - I am surprised by how much I love this style! They never appealed to me until I tried one on! But now that I have one, I can really appreciate the Zoe. It's comfortable and the larger hardware is what makes the bag IMHO.
  13. They do come in black, but I think the hardware is brass. The lining is a gorgeous purple though. A lady I was checking out the other day had the black zoe in medium. She set it on the register counter and I could see the lining. That totally changed my mind about getting a black one. I wanted to look closer sooo bad but that would have been unbelievably rude, so I just complimented her on it instead lol >_<; Now I've gotta find the black in large :biggrin: And hope that I down drown in it lol, T-Girl is to blame for me wanting a large zoe now even though I already have 2 mediums.
  14. That's very nice on you.
  15. Looks great on you - I love seeing all of your new finds! :smile: