I am dying to see

  1. the new slim style handbag ( no drama here- none at all!!!!!!!)! I am loving the new S/S 08 pre-collection colors, but I need to see this style. Does anyone know yet if it closes????? Any One? I need details and pictures- Pretty Please!!!!!!
  2. Me too. :sweatdrop:My Mom asked Daphne about it and she said that she hasn't even seen it yet and has no clue what it looks like in person.
  3. Thanks PP! I would be thrilled to even know if it closes. I would think someone would know that, wouldn't you? I don't care how much I love it, I have to be able to close my handbag. I have my fingers crossed that it fits my shoulder nicely too!
  4. I want to know the same thing, especially how long the handles are. I can't tell if it's really big either. Odd that BNY hasn't ever seen the bag and has no information on it at all. I wonder if maybe it's going to be late coming, Jan. Feb. I hope not, it looks like one that I really might like and I am ready for some new styles that are mid size and fit nicely on the shoulder. I can't stand straps right under my armpits. They bother me.:push:
  5. Can't wait to see this style too!!