i am dying to find this bag! help!

  1. Ohkay.
    I was just on vacation over in Big Bear, CA and we headed over to Lake Arrowhead [not too far away] where there was a coach store. =] They were having a sale.

    There was this darling, optic pink, I want to say hobo-ish, bag. It was 99 [i know, right?] and that was before the 30% clearance, So I am guessing it was very, uh..old, I guess?

    Anyways. My mom said I couldnt have it, because we could get it at home.


    Anyways, I have been looking and looking online for days now and I have not been able to find that bag! I have found ones with the same print, but not the one I saw that day! Its driving me crazy! I mean, its the Pink Optic, It has white leather and a big buckle, and I cant remember if the buckle was on the handle or the front. [drat.] But it wasnt square like some of the ones ive seen, but more of like a relaxed cresecent shape? Hm.

    I was wondering if you guys had any pictures of some that I could look at based on my descriptions. =] I am dying to see that purse again, and hopefully if I have a picture I can kinda hint hint it to my mommy. =]

    Thanks a bundle!!!

  2. Not really. The one i saw had a thinner height to it. The handle was a tad bit wider length wise, too. I want to say the one I saw was longer. ;P

    The print though is right on.

    Thanks anyways. =]
  3. Maybe it was this in a duffle?
  4. Rapunzel: Uhm. I dont see a picture. xD Can you resend it?

    and Amy: That one is too square. "/

    Man. I dont know where that purse came from. No one seems to have been able to find it. :push: That purse just, came out of no where. I mean, the whole print wasnt too overwhelming which was why I liked it, the belt buckle kind of, took away from the C print, I guess? But you could still tell it was pink, and still tell it was Coach.

    I found this picture on the Coach website which kind of resembles it. Its too big in general, and the shape is kinda sorta it. Ill try to draw a picture later tonight about how it looked.

    Please keep looking for me though. I have scanned through eBay and the Coach site, Im not sure where else to look. "/
  5. Shape like this:

    Buckle Like this [except in lighter color]
  6. Those are the general qualities, give or take an exact shape or so.

    I plan on going down to the Forum Shops and to the Premium Outlets here and see if they have it. Its looking doubtful, since I have not found not one picture of it so far, and since it was the only one I saw in Arrohead Lake, I dont think it's likely Ill see it here. Hm. Oh well. Ill keep looking, and if by any chance I do find it at the mall, I will totally let you guys know. =] Keep looking for me if you guys want, I'll keep checking. "]]
  7. Sorta. Not as long... But thats getting a little closer shape wise. =]
  8. And when i say Long i meant Long as in vertically too long. >_<
  9. Nope. Not that one. Someones already showed me that one. "/ I should probably call coach sometime this week. Maybe they could help. "]