I am doomed!! Want my first Hermes!

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  1. It just took one 2 hour visit and seeing the beautiful bags up close irl!! I want one but am overwhelmed with the leather choices and sizes...I am not even sure of style. I think I am leaning toward the kelly (probably because that is the one I saw) but can't rule out the birkin. Be prepared for a lot of stupid questions!:shame:
  2. Yes Rockerchic,

    You are indeed doomed. Once you've been bitten, it's really hard to walk away!
  3. Welcome to the dark side! There's no way back!
  4. That's my story too! once you're here, there's no turning back. Good luck!!! :smile:)
  5. Ditto - I am right there with you. I went to an H store and couldn't help but think of the leather ALL THE TIME!! I was thinking about it when I slept and all day!! Good luck! I finally did get a Kelly (this week) and I love it. No more LV for me???
  6. Im dreaming of them now...its CRAZY!!!
  7. YAY Stacy!!! Glad to see you on the dark side! :yahoo:

    If I can remember correctly from the Chanel sub-forum, a Black Kelly 32cm would be perfect on you! If you want to start out slow, how about a Black Clemence Evelyne2 GM? :graucho:
  8. ^^Pelinka, You are right on the nose!! I am really leaning toward the Kelly 32 in black (or another dark neutral color). Rose had the togo with her in black and it was a dream. Minnie also had the blue jean--fabulous color but I think my first should be a dark neutral. If you don't mind, dear, what type of leather would you suggest? I definitely won't be knocking the bag around but don't want to have to be super paranoid about carrying it either!
    (PS--I also jump in both feet...not know for starting out too slowly! (big grin)!
  9. hehe.. the story of mylife! goodluck finding ur dream hermes bag :smile:
  10. welcome rockerchic!!!! :p
  11. Stacey! You left the B-bag sections too? :graucho:
  12. welcome to the orange side ,i was once in other forums but i have set up my house here now:beach:
  13. Stacey, definitely in Togo or Clemence! ;) Good luck in your search hon :heart:
  14. Welcome!!!
    Don't forget chevre! :yes:
    I think a neutral Kelly is definitely the way to go! Especially if you're into Chanel and stuff.
  15. See I told you, Rockerchic has been swayed!