I am done!!!

  1. For at least three months. I'm not allowed to even look at another bag until at least the end of June.:cursing: I've been on a spree for the past three months (come to think of it since I joined this forum :confused1: , I hope Megs get a lot of free bags for what she's doing for the industry :yes: ) and I have to quit now.

    Just ordered the Hayden Harnett below and am still waiting for my Tano. I've attached pics, hope they show up in the post :wlae: .
    hudsons_vac_zoom.jpg loveboatmodelL.jpg
  2. Oh they are absolutely beautiful...esp. the white one!!! love that look!!!!
  3. Ooooh, Gorgeous!!!!!
  4. Oh beautiful.
  5. I really like both of those bags.

    But that is the trouble sometimes with this Forum, we are exposed to so many opportunities and we flock like birds to the next feeding.

    I am new here as well and just beginning to realize moderation is the key. Moderation AFTER my next bag, mine you.

  6. The bags are beautiful! Which one is the camel one - HH or Tano? It made my heart pound!
  7. Whichever one the camel one is, what is the style name? Would you mind saying the price? As you can tell, I love it!
  8. haha moderation is key and since i started really being into TPF i have been totally out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would say in the last few months i have bought at least 9 bags its SO BAD!!!

    i have got to stop, i think i may go on a summer ban yikes im scared! :smile: haha
  9. beautiful bags!
  10. The camel one is the HH Hudson, paid just over $500, including shipping and tax (I'm in NY :crybaby: , so gotta pay tax). Full price, but it also made my heart go pitty-patty and I'm worried it sells out.
  11. Congrats, they look great!
  12. Thanks for the info! I'm off to check it out!
  13. and P.S. Congratulations and enjoy!!!
  14. haha. We all have been thru that I think. I know I have. In 2006 I bought over 25 Chloe bags (thankfully no charge cards used ~phew~) and then I came to my senses. Sold and returned them. (I was over Chloe by September). Then it was Balenciaga, went a teensy bid overboard, but sold and returned the few I had.

    Its all about moderation. All I own now is 1 Chloe Silverado (which I just bought and adore) and 3 Celine Bittersweets. (well 2, my daughter "borrowed" one, I know I will never see it again). And all I want now is ONE Hermes bag, just one. Just an Evelyne bag.

    Just one. really. one.:wtf:
  15. I'm with ya! I need to stop, too. Right after this one last Hayden-Harnett I have my eye on. No, really. It's GOT to stop.