I am DONE with ebay....DONE!

  1. As many of you know I posted last week that I was a member of the Keepall club....WRONG! I paid $700 for a piece of CRAP! I am in the process now of TRYING to get my money back but I'm not holding my breath. I have already mailed the bag back but I haven't heard from the seller since I told him that I was NOT accepting a partial refund but I was sending the bag back for a FULL refund! When I won the bag there wasn't any negative feedback, but I look today and I see he has sold someone a FAKE bag and they too are PISSED.

    Then, I thought I was a new epi owner. Well right after I paid, the seller sends me a freaking email about a scratch on the purse that he didn't see until he started to package it. Well I say BULLCRAP! He says he will refund part of my money OR give me a full refund if I find the bag unacceptable but I just don't trust this either! WHY didn't he email me FIRST, send me pictures and ask me if I still wanted it BEFORE he shipped it? I might be jumping to conclusions on this one but I'll keep you posted.

    UGH! $1400 is enough for me to say ENOUGH!!

    I plan to go to Saks tomorrow to get me a REAL NEW 50" Keepall and everything else I want I will buy NEW!!:rant: :rant:

    I must say though that I DID find a great garment bag from ebay that I am really happy with. I found out later that the seller is a member here, so THANK YOU!

    I am so upset and about this I feel like I'm going to be sick:sick:

    WHY do people do this????
  2. Who knows why but I hate ebay too! Going to LV tomorrow to purchase retail!
  3. What'cha getting??? I plan on a new Keepall:heart:
  4. I am so sorry, what a shame! I really wish that there was some way to put an end to all the fakes out there. I hope that you get your money back and that the scratched Epi is resolved as well. Have fun at Saks tomorrow, you deserve it :flowers: ;)
  5. I don't know why they do it, but it just makes me SOOOO angry!!!!!

    I hope you get your full refund for the Keepall and hopefully the scratch on the epi is teeny weeny (or invisible) and you get it for a better price...let us know how it goes! You have to be so careful on ebay, it's so stressful I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth it as well....???
  6. Sorry to hear about your awful experience.
    Too many fake sellers :censor: :mad: and Ebay doesn't seem to care cause they rake in too much money from all these dishonest sellers.
    I don't know why LV doesn't employ people just to sit and take all the fake LV's off ebay.
  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your bad experiences! Please keep us updated on what happens, and enjoy yourself at LV!!
  8. I was sold 2 counterfeit chanels, one prada and 2 gucci's on ebay, so I know what you are going through, you have their address from the tracking info, and ebay will give you their phone number, unfortunately they will give them yours too, but who cares, just keep after them to get your money back.I am so done with ebay, never again!!!!
  9. I am so torn, bh, petite noe, or bv. I have visited these bags 10 times!:cry:
  10. BH!!! BH!!!! :biggrin:
  11. OMG! I really feel for ya Jazz....that's such a shame. I don't trust eBay anymore either and right now I am going thru my own trials and tribulations with a non paying bidder who keeps stringing me along....Ugh!
  12. With all the complaints about eBay, bait and switch, and smelly bags from Hong Kong why don't you all just buy from LV. Buyer fewer bags but get them brand spanking new and have no headaches. I would never buy used!
  13. Well I agree with you NOW...LOL I will never buy used again!
  14. Im really sorry for your horrible ebay experience.:sad::flowers:
  15. I'm so sorry about your horrible ebay experience! I wish you had better ones! But at least now when you buy your bags from LV, you will know where they came from! Good luck on your guture purchase and hope the epi that gets to you is acceptable!