i am done doNE DONE! after so long, they're finally here *with pics*!!

  1. hello there ladies!

    as you know.. i've been seen lurking around too much with my reissue and dark white flap on the action thread and am getting really bored lol (so are you too i think!) but guess what! my babies (that i've been talking about forever... yawnzzZ) are finally here!! :wlae:

    officially done dONe DONE! there'll no more bags until next year, i am on a bag ban! (i have been on a secret loub expansion plan though lol tsk tsk)


    so here's the story cut short (i'm lazyyy i just got home from down town and am still settling down from all the driving and claustophobia :wtf:) :

    they should have arrived already but i wanted to make use of the incircle event to gain double points, then due to personal reasons, i didn't wanna apply for the membership and still stuck with the original plan of shipping them out on the 18th. ACKS, and to my horror, my shipment got delayed until 4 days later, but i understand that there's an influx of orders so oh well, at least i've gotten them safe and sound and perfect! :yahoo:

    the FEDEX man came knocking on my house door this morning (and my mom got to it, thus i had to bear with her grumbling for the rest of the day, i'd like to imagine what her reaction would be when she receives the tax billing LOL) and i was forced to wake up! acccks, i hate to be woken up but lol i started jumping around like a little kid opening her christmas present! hehe


    so, is my summary short enough? :graucho:



    if you're wondering why mine is gift wrapped, that's because i went irrationally insane and paid $7.50 to please myself as an early christmas and birthday present. LOL :p
  2. ooooh... geeze.... hurry!
  3. :popcorn:
  4. let's see!!!!
  5. okok here's baby number 1 - black baby cabas!

    i love her so much that i carried her out today (with my new BV patent gladiator heels) lol my mom said i was just too impatient (she can keep her bags for a year and not use them at all :wtf:)



    and here's me modeling with her (am in a catharine malandrino bubble empire babydoll and rock and republic grey skinny fade jeans)


    here's my new BV heels that i wore today ;)


  6. It looks stunning!
  7. Congrats on all your new purchases! love the idea of it being gift wrapped;) And you look sooo chick modeling your new Baby Cabas:tup:
    Cnt wait for more pictures...
  8. Oh, your BV heels is so HOT! HOT! HOT! It looks great on you!
  9. Those heels are amazing!!! BV as in Bottega Veneta? Where did you purch the shoes from :smile:
  10. you look great! but you already know that right? ;)
  11. looks great on you, congrats!!
  12. Gorgeous! Love it... and those shoes are stunning...!!
  13. Congrats awesome shoes and gorgeous bag.
  14. thank you ladies! i'm blushing already :blush: hehe

    okay here are more pics! i forgot to take a modeling pic with miss jumbo in navy patent (yep, that's baby number 2 and the last one of the year lol) ackks.

    i'll do so tomorrow b/c i'll be going down town again (no shopping for me though pouts :sad:).


    i like the magic this jumbo plays! it's black under yellow light / shade, in true color under natural light and bright navy under a flash camera! :amuse:

    i took photos with flash and had to take a few to get its true color, so here's one that is the closest


    and here's the surprise package i received from Saks today!


    i cannot stop swooning over my nude yoyos... :drool:
  15. O-M-G... :nuts::drool::heart::nuts::drool::heart:.... I love those CLs!!! and the jumbo... :drool: way cool! ok, you're getting me into patent now!