I am disturbed by this jewelry

Bri 333

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Mar 19, 2008
Okay, so I did a search for Tiffany today to find a ring I was looking for. In doing so I came across this website which really disturbed me. They have Tiffany, Cartier, and Pandora on there with all of the pictures and descriptions stolen from the original brands websites. I spent an hour checking back and forth from their website to the real Tiffany and Cartier website and just as I suspected, everything that comprises this website is stolen. What the hell is this website:


I am in shock and can't believe what this world is coming to. Is nothing sacred anymore. Are there poor asian kids in a sweat shop somewhere being beaten to make this jewelry??? How can this be legal?

BTW, the ring I was looking for is this one. What do you think :graucho:
Oct 6, 2007
its ridiculous, I hope this counterfeiting doesn't involve children, but often it does...harpers bazaar has done many under cover stories involving the counterfeiting war against fakes... theres some really disturbing stuff they have uncovered.

ok on a completely different note...i loveeee that ring :smile:


Dec 15, 2009
The sad thing is that I'm just shocked it surprised you! Tiffanys is one of the MOST replicated items! Go to google and type cheap tiffanys jewellery and every single website other than tiffanys own is a fake website that fools people to thinking its real. And they all use real stock photos from tiffanys website.


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Oct 30, 2006
Try purchasing it and see if the quality matches Tiffany's.

Most of the time the luxury design houses associate children with fakes but most of the time it is untrue. This is to stop consumers from buying. How do you expect a child to set stones on a piece of jewelry? It's difficult to curb imitation jewelry unless the design is patented. Please correct me if I am wrong.